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ROG Croshire VIII Hero WiFi no sound with handset

Level 7
Hi, so far I was so happy with my new motherboard, I was using an USB headset but last night I try and old headset (mini jack plug) and I have NO sound.

The headset is working, I tested with my laptop, and the mike is working too, but I can't hear any sound using the rear connector or the front panel connectors.

I have the lastest drivers and BIOS, using Win 10 PRO fully updated.

Customer Service Agent
Hi Ashir555:
Thank you for reaching us, by your symptoms, USB headset is working fine which means Audio card is working fine, too. Old headset I guess is using 3.5mm audio jack.
What you mentioned ,MIC is working , but no sound. I would suggest to use another the same connector of headset but new one to test again. It might be detect pin not
compatible with your old headset.