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RMA Service not resolving ACPI BIOS Error on Win10 for B550i Gaming

Level 7
ROG Strix B550i user here.

Have had an ACPI BIOS Error BSOD for Windows 10 for almost a month. RMA team has received my board, allegedly 'repaired' it with a very inconclusive report citing:
Problem/Symptom: System Unstable (hang)
Action: Update BIOS/FW can solve the problem.

When I received the motherboard, it appears to have been factory reset, despite the RMA form that I submitted clearly stating the steps and issues with BSOD errors for existing Windows 10 HDD and for any Win10 USB boot device.

After getting back to RMA team reporting the issue persists, they ask me to send the same information back with no confirmation on what was repaired, the expected timeline or how to resolve. A secondary form has now been submitted but this has taken weeks.

Am requesting a new motherboard be sent out or refunded as my PC is required for work and has been out of action for almost a month.

Limited information is available on an ACPI BIOS Error fix, especially if you can't get in to the OS for logs, driver updates or settings changes.

Anyone else have this issue

Level 12
Hi spjkey,
How did you do when have ACPI BIOS Error BSOD? when reinstall windows 10 or run the specific apps?
Have you tried bios 2803 with bios all default settings(no OC) but have the same issue?
May I have the serial number and RMA number via PM?
Thank you.