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RMA for PG27VQ

Level 7
I originally posted this on Reddit as I didn't know about these forums.

In short, I RMA'd my PG27VQ monitor (under warranty) to which Asus sent me an email that is couldn't be repaired, and that they would contact me to confirm a replacement. They never did contact me though, and yesterday I received an MG28UQ delivered by Fedex. A redditor said this shouldn't have happened, that they should have confirmed with me before sending a replacement or switching the model on me, and suggested I contact Asus again. I did, and received a case number, and the last thing I heard was that it would be escalated. I don't know how to check the status of a case number though, so what do I do next?

Interestingly, since I posted on Reddit, my RMA status has changed from "Thanks for your inquiry! Service center has arranged to exchange your device." to "(Repairing) Thanks for your inquiry! Your product is in the process of diagnosis / repair." which is confusing.

Can someone help me figure this out?

Level 8
Hi Scott,

Sorry to hear about the issues you're currently experiencing with your RMA process. Can you please contact me at I would like to gather more information to better assist you.

Level 7
Just sent you an email.