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RMA Damaged my device instead of repairing it

Level 7

I have a GL704GV notebook I bought from US 1 year ago.
(Serial number K3NRCV00U978117)

For the first 6 months I had no major problems. Performance and stability was solid and I was happy with my purchase. However in February, my battery started discharging when my device was off. I was not going to send my device for a repair if it was battery alone in the middle of this pandemic, but I experienced peculiar keyboard malfunctions starting in June. Replacing the battery is a 10 minute job that I could do myself, but accessing the keyboard needs complete disassembly and frankly I did not want to bear the risk and cost of doing it manually.

After I confirmed my issues were hardware related, I made an RMA request since my international warranty still had a month left.

My RMA(TRB8L70930) was accepted in 07.07 and my shipment arrived in technical service in Istanbul, Turkey 4 days later. Fast forwarding 1 month, I got it back in 05.08. But this is where my problems started because;

1- Power cable was not sent
2- Keyboard was not fixed
3- And last but not least, they had broken the bottom panel right next to the screw hole in the back corner so i guess they forgot to take out the screw before trying to open it...

I immediately contacted the customer service and was told tech service would ship the power cord asap. And that I should mail asus support via website about my problems. I was not contacted by Asus for 5 days, customer service isnt answering my calls either.
My service request number is E2008018631

I have no idea what to do at this point, my warranty is over and I have 2 weeks left of my vacation.

I would appreciate any help regarding this entire mess, thank you.

Level 10
Hello Madreno,
I'm really sorry about this.
May I know more about the original keyboard issue? what happened?
Also, please kindly share a picture of the panel issue as well.
I have reported this case to related department to handle it as soon as possible.
Thank you very much.

My left CTRL key works when you press it together with any other key, however keystrokes are not recognized when you press it alone. When it starts happening, %90 of the time single strokes of my left CTRL doesnt work at all. So key combinations such as CTRL + C, V, P etc all work. But in games with CTRL as a keybind, it simply doesnt work most of the time. So Witcher, MHW, DMC5 and such games that I have 600+ hrs is affected a lot by this. I wouldnt care if it was right CTRL tbh.

I went through keyboard throubleshooting, EoA options in windows, reinsalling keyboard drivers, using safe mode, rolling back Windows updates and finally doing a fresh Win10 installation to diagnose the issue. I am positive its a hardware problem. After RMA it is still present with their factory default installation as well.

I will send you a PM with some pictures&recordings in an hour if thats alright.

Level 10
Hello Madreno,
Thank you so much for the description.
I will consult more and reply together in PM.