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RMA been rejected

Level 7
Hello all. i hope you can help me out with my issue i'm having. i sent my motherboard out about 3 months ago there was a really annoying coil whine/buzzing coming from CPU/VRM area it only happens when i was download a game on steam or watching Netflix so i sent the motherboard off to RMA to make sure everything was okay with it as think it was faulty a few weeks later got the motherboard back saying RMA been rejected and i noticed there where bent pins that wernt caused by me. i wasn't sure what to do so i left it since then cause i got a new motherboard. i would really appreciate it if you could help me get my ASUS motherboard fixed. thank you for your help

Customer Service Agent
Hi Liza
Good day , I am passing your case to our service center to ask advanced service what we can do. Thank you.

Customer Service Agent
Hi Liza
After I confirmed with local service team , RMA has been done at 16th Jan, and result is no trouble found.
I look into detail, problem from customer was "nefunguje", which means "does not work", due to symptom
was misunderstanding by problem description. Could you send your product to repair center again and have
clear problem description about"Coil Whine" to repair center, and also please mention that cpu pin bent.Thank you.