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RMA - AUAAK10419 - Damaged CPU socket upon return from RMA

Level 7
Hi Guys

I just received my board back from RMA.

I sent it in with a damaged socket, around two pins bent and was told it was all fixed and upon receiving it today and taking the foxconn cover off the slot, I was presented with this.

So, whoever put the cover back on the socket, obviously pressed this on with his finger/thumb and bent at least, 40-odd pins.

So, I'd like this to be fixed as it is now an ASUS issue.

I was told via email that there are no available sockets upon the initial RMA repair so the pins were fixed as best as could be and the board worked and it was sent back.

So, when will I receive a replacement board?

Customer Service Agent
Hi Dealth-Caliber
Good day , I will follow up status of RMA-AUAAK10419, and update to you soon.
Sorry for bad user experience.

Alvez@asus wrote:
Hi Dealth-Caliber
Good day , I will follow up status of RMA-AUAAK10419, and update to you soon.
Sorry for bad user experience.

Thanks Alvez

I had the customer support officer contact me and more or less tell me that its my fault that it is bent and that I would be liable for repair costs and an inspection fee, which I will NOT be paying for as this is how I received my board back from RMA.

I've just had customer service reply to me saying that I am liable for the repair costs even though this was damaged in ASUS care.

I want this repaired or replaced with a refurbished unit at your cost. ��

Your company damaged the board and it is now unusable.

I have come to no resolution from ASUS, in Sydney Australia.

It doesnt seem like anyone is trying to help me here either with this issue.

If anyone from ASUS is reading this, I would like to forward the email exchange with your Australian RMA Division, so please send me a PM so I can get that happening.

I have photo evidence of when I opened the package in this thread along with the original images for the initial pin damage.

Your service department here in Australia are a bunch of thieves, damaging my board and saying they are not liable for it and trying to get me to pay for the repairs for something I did not touch.

I am VERY pissed off with this treatment by Jun and the lack of communication or admission if damage by the technician who so happened to work on my board.

You can clearly see it is how I unwrapped it.

I'm angry. I won't by buying any of your products in the future if this is how you treat your customers.

I have filed a report with the ACCC as there is NO WAY I damaged that board. The images show it as I unwrapped it from its packaging.

Expect to hear from them in the coming weeks regarding your business conduct and attempts to extort money from your customers.