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Repair Asus ROG Z690 Extreme

Level 7
The motherboard was in an authorized service 2 times. The first time I handed over the card under warranty, although I asked to change it to a new one, because it did not work stably and the blue screen of the system was constantly poured out at any settings, 3 sets of memory and 2 KF processors were changed to KS, but nothing helped. The first work was done on (soldering: 2 capacitors and 3 resistors). A test bench was assembled for verification and everything repeated.
I sent the card back to the service, but the warranty was denied with a note (SMD component was knocked down in a place with contact pads).
When sending the card to an authorized service center, the card was without damage, handled with the utmost care. The suspicion is that the card was damaged in the service, but shoved onto me.

I asked for a video of how the inspection was carried out, but they refused. There is nothing left to say.

Correspondence with technical support did not give anything, for them, the relationship with customers, the video is not in the first place.

Can someone tell me what kind of SMD component and value smd component? I'll give it to an engineer for restoration.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry for my English.

P. S. Who has this board and is able to measure SMD, please write to me.


Customer Service Agent
Hi Dark Emperor,
Is the motherboard at you hand or still in service center?
May I double confirm you don't have pictures or videos of this part before you sent the motherboard to repair at second time?
May I have the serial number and RMA number via pm?
Thank you.