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RAM not detected as dual channel on ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO

Level 7
Building a ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO + AMD Ryzen 9 5900X + HyperX FURY HX432C16FB3K4/128 ( 4 x 32 Go ) DDR4 3200MHz

I am having problems with the RAM not being detected properly. CPUZ and bios tell me I have only 64GBytes on single channel.

CPUZ memory tab displays :

Type : DDR4
Channel # Single
Size : 64 Gbytes
Uncore Frequency 1600 Mhz

Timings :
DRAM frequency 1601.3 Mhz
CL : 22.0 clocks
tRCD 22
tRP 22
tRAS 52
tRC 74

What can I do to have the board operate in dual channel and detect the full 128GB at proper frequency.
I figured this might have to do witht the ryzen and timings ... but me not being a hardcore tweaker I'm a bit lost ...

Thanks for helping

Level 9
Hi there,
How about under BIOS? how many GB or how many RAM is detected? please share the screenshot with us
and in task manager?
Thank you.

Level 40
For that density of memory...

Try 1.4v or even 1.45 v DRAM voltage and set SOC voltage to 1.125 to 1.2v range


Are you using 64GB x 2 in your system?
According to the manual, the mobo supports only 32GB DRAM stick. In order to get 128GB, you need to install 32GB x 4 on the mobo.

If you are using 32GB x 4, then double check whether you have inserted the DRAM sticks into the socket securely.

At this point, there is no need for you to tweak the voltage until your mobo recognize the correct DRAM capacity.

Please check the manual of your mobo.