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Problems with WAN LAG setup between AX11000 and SB8200

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Hey everybody,

So a couple weeks ago I broke down and upgraded my home router to an Asus GT-AX11000. Originally I was interested in the AXE11000, but since there was no way to disable the 6GHz band in favor of a second 5GHz band, I decided to jus stick with the AX11000.

Anyways, so things had been going well, and I figured for funsies I would enable WAN LAG between my new AX11000 and my Arris SB8200. I have Comcast's gigabit plan, so I figured I wouldn't get any speed benefits, but I figured that I may as well set it up since the modem and router both support it. So I logged into the modem, and checked the box to enable WAN LAG on the SB8200, connected two CAT6A STP cables from the modem to the AX11000's WAN and port 4, and then enabled WAN LAG on the router.

When I applied the setting, everything reset and.... nothing. No internet out to any of my connected devices. I power cycled the modem and router several times, and nothing was working. I verified both LAG settings were enabled. I made sure the AX11000 was on the latest firmware. I was just not getting anything. I called Comcast, and they said they were seeing signals to my modem just fine. Finally, I resigned to just revert things back. I connected my computer directly into the modem, accessed the settings, and disabled WAN LAG. I did the same in the AX11000 settings... but still I could not get out to the internet. Power cycled all devices several times... still nothing. So I went and did a factory reset on the modem to make sure LAG settings weren't stuck. After it came back up, still nothing. Called comcast, and they said things looked fine on their end. I connected my PC directly to the modem, and was browsing internet just fine. Put the AX11000 back into the mix, and my PC could not access internet.

Strange enough, I saw the router was detecting a public IP... So I went into the settings, and even performed a speedtest from within the router. So it appeared as though the AX11000 was successfully getting internet connectivity from the modem, but was not sharing that down to connected devices. I tried pinging IPs directly to make sure it wasn't a DNS issue. No dice. It was as if NAT was failing or something.

Finally, in order to resolve everything, I had to factory reset the AX11000... which I really didn't want to do after getting all my settings configured, ports forwarded, IPs statically assigned, etc. But that was what fixed it.

So, has anyone else been able to successfully set up WAN LAG between their Asus GT-AX11000 and an Arris SB8200? Have any of you run into similar issues as me?

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not LAG related on the AX11000 but im experencing this like you regarding the its connected / disconnected and not shared down the devices, then the only solution is to do a factory reset every like 2 weeks to 3 weeks

Level 13
OK, beside the fact I don't even know what WAN LAG is, the AX11000 has a 2.5 GB gaming and a 1 GB WAN port. The AXE11000 has both of those ports showing as WAN, the AX11000 does not.. I do see where the AX11000 allows you to set both ports to WAN..

Beyond that, aren't you connecting the same output to both the WAN connection and an Ethernet port at the same time. This would not seem to be the same as having two different ISP connections and combining them.. as in Bonding (aggregation)?

Gigabit Ethernet
The SB8200 has two 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports capable of Link Aggregation, which means you can create 2 separate home networks from 1 modem. If you subscribe to a gigabit speed internet plan you can increase your overall throughput. (Note, some ISPs require additional subscription fee for 2nd IP address)
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Intel BE200

Same here. Xfinity via a Motorola MB 8600, set up the AXE-11000 to WAN LAG, it won't get a DHCP IP on the WAN interface. Turn LAG off, works fine.

I know LAG works because it will get a DHCP IP with a Linux LAG host, just not the AXE-11000.

Level 10
Hi there,
Please refer to below FAQ
Please be careful of the remiders
1. Do not connect the devices to each other by using more than one Ethernet cable until after you set up WAN aggregation on each device. If you form multiple connections between the two devices, you might create a network loop. Network loops can slow or stop normal traffic on your network.
2. Dual WAN and WAN Aggregation cannot be enabled at the same time. If you have enabled one of these functions, the other will be disabled automatically.
3. LAN port 4 is the reserved port for some IPTV service. You cannot use these two services at the same time if your ISP assigns LAN port 4 for IPTV service.
4. WAN Aggregation only works under Router Mode.

if you still have issue after setting up, please send the feedback log from the GUI.
And PM me the mailbox you send the log from, and screenshot of network map -->interenet status and ethernet status
Thank you.

Tried the same thing today and had the same outcome. SB8200 directly connected works fine but router thinks it does not have a connection to the internet. I put everything back and was finally able to get the AX11000 to recognize the internet connection by simultaneously booting the modem and the router at the same time. I wish I had tried that after setting up the LAG in the first place! Buut, I was already fed up after an hour of troubleshooting. Note that I did not have to reset the router. So, there appears to be some kind of negotiation that happens between the router and modem on boot. If anyone has gotten LAG to work, please post.