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PG27UQ Regrading poor Support

Level 7
I've sent support a message regarding my new PG27UQ asking them as to why the badge is coming off when clearing the monitor ,I've had this monitor for just six weeks ,I dont understand why Asus is sending out monitors that cost this much money with such poor badges on them ,This is outrageous and totally ridiculous ,Seems to me that they wanted to rush the monitor out the door so just went with cheap fast option a STICKER here is an image 75041

And this is what they sent me ...

Thank you for contacting ASUS Support!
Мy name is Lazar and I will try my best to assist you with your situation.

Regarding your case, I would like to inform you that our Level 2 support informed us that your monitor is now "Out of Warranty", unfortunately we do not provide support for monitors that are out of warranty. Also they are saying that this condition is wear and tear one.
Apologizes again for the situation.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

Have a lovely day!

Kind Regards,
Lazar D.
Asus Customer Service

Its just six week old monitor and there telling me its down to wear and tear and Warranty as ran out ...This is JOKE right ?

Level 8
Were you given an RMA #? I'd like to look into your case. Please send me a PM.