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PG279Q died out of warranty - options?

Level 7
After 3.5 years of good service my March 2016 ROG Swift monitor died:
1. Power LED will not light.
2. Panel does not emit light.
3. No OSD or any response to any switch.

Troubleshooting notes:
1. I have multiple units so was able to swap power supplies to confirm problem is at panel, not supply.
2. There must be some internal functionality - windows can recognize a PG279Q is attached

Anyway, as I'm out of warranty I'm wondering what my best option is.
1. Are there any self-repairs I can try?
2. Should I just throw it out now and not waste any more time on it?
3. Will an ASUS repair be cost effective? (btw I tried to create a RMA and received a "RMA is undefined" screen and did not receive any follow up email as promised. Not confidence inspiring.

Level 10
Hello Briala,
If you would like to send your device to service,
please kindly PM me your SN.
I'm really sorry that we currently experiencing some technical issue with the RMA issue website.
Thank you.