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PCIe USB 3.0 7 slots not working with Z490e gaming

Level 8

Hope someone could help me, maybe a special setup or changing something that I don't know in the BIOS?

I installed a PCie x1 USB 3.0 7 ports to the motherboard x1 slot.

Turn on the PC and win 10 installed all the drivers without any problem, I connect a microsoft keyboard logitech wireless mouse, arduino uno, a usb hub with 3 usb soundcards and IMU giroscope (WT901C).

All working fine for about 3 minutes, after that the keyboard stoped working (it has the lights on, so power was there), connect it to other ports nothing. Rebooted the PC worked again for about a minute and then again stopped working. I change the keyboars to one of the old USB port of the PC and no problem, same for the Arduino Uno

After happend the same to the mouse and the Arduino uno. What is still working is the IMU and the soundcards.

I have search a lot, but can't find a fix to this problem, any idea?

Help would be much appreciated, thanks!