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PCIe Native power Management power causing WHEA Errors Z790 HERO

Level 7
I know there is a thread with another person having same issue on the rog forums but I feel it should be brought up in here since it would be helpful to get more information on this

There is an issue on the Z790 Hero that when you leave PCIe Native Power Management on it is causing lots of WHEA errors ?

For now I have it disabled but this setting is usually on by default if you hit F5 and looking at all my other systems that all have Asus motherboards it is on by default too.

Problem is having it enabled it is causing lots of WHEA Errors so something clearly is not right either with the hardware or there is an issue with the bios not communicating with the OS properly.

Is this a know issue and will Asus be fixing ?


Level 9
Had the same situation with Z590-A Gaming WiFi. Latest BIOS update (1601 and current 1701 as well) solved it. So maybe wait for next BIOS release.


May I ask if the model is the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO? Do you have a blue screen when it happens? What is the BIOS version in current use?
Are there any software and hardware changes before this situation occurs? Did you update the ME firmware before updating the BIOS?
Please try testing by defaulting the BIOS settings first, and make sure all the drivers, including the ChepSet driver, are in the latest version.

Thank you.