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PC freezes when GPU is under heavy load

Level 7

I'm writing this because I'm looking for help with a problem that I have since I built my new PC.

My build:

Intel I5 12400
Corsair SF750
Kingston FURY beast DDR5 32 Gb 4800
Samsung 980 1 Tb
RTX 3080 Founders
Riser Lian Li PCIe 3.0
Lian li A4 h2o case
Corsair H100x AIO
Windows 11

I've built this PC in october with all the bios and drivers updated. Since then I've this problem that haunts me.
I use the PC connected to a fullHD monitor and LG Tv 4K. It depends if I want to play from the desk or the couch.
The problem is that when I play games that tends to put the GPU under heavy load the PC randomly freezes: the sound became looped,
no input possible from mouse or keyboard, no blue screen even if I keep the system like that for minutes, the only possibility is an hard reset.
I usually have this problem when playing on the TV big titles like Cyberpunk or RDR2. Very rare for this to happen when using the monitor but I managed
to reproduce this with League of Legends with uncapped frames (never happens with capped frames).
The problem seems to happen in random moments, could happen after 2, 10 or 20 minutes since I start playing.

I've thought about an overheating problem but the temperature on the CPU and GPU seems very fine.
Since then I've:

- Updated all the drivers with DDU
- Changed the PSU (I was mounting a 750W from cooler master previously)
- Switched the GPU with a reconditioned one that NVIDIA sent me (I thought that that was defective)
- Tried a PCIe 4.0 riser cable from LINKUP
- Checked every connection inside the case

The problem is still there.
Guessing this is an hardware problem could this be the motherboard? What else could I try?

Thanks to everyone in advance for the support

Customer Service Agent
Hello, MrCarota.

According to your description, this may be a compatibility problem with the TV diplay.
May I ask if you have cross-testing with other LCD monitors?
It is recommended that you try a different type of cable to confirm if the problem can be solved.

Thank you.
Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂