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PBO and Ryzen Master issues on last X670E EXTREME Bios 0705...

Level 9
I think that the last Asus X670E bios messed up PBO (and Ryzen Master), as it looks like it doesn't work in bios, at least with manual settings (it works somehow only when you use the enhanced in extreme tweaking bios section, but only when selecting the temps level), and Ryzen master doesn't even launch anymore...Are you experiencing issues?

Customer Service Agent
Hi Grifil,
Is the model name ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME?
May I know how you check if it doesn't work in bios?
Could you please help to describe more about how you adjust settings and what it shows?
Thank you.

Flipping between Creator Mode and Game Mode with Ryzen Master causes my x670E-E Gaming not to boot and I have to manually reset the bios. Ryzen Master does affect whether one or both CCD (7950x) are enabled once I finally get back on a running OS. But, setting PBO directly in the BIOS does work for me.

Level 7
I've got a Strix X670E-E with the latest bios (Version 0705 as of writing) and making manual/advanced changes in the PBO area in the bio has no effect. Neither PPT nor thermal limits set have -any- effect. They are saved but have no effect whatsoever. Package Power is still the stock 7950X limit and same with temperatures, no matter how low/high I set them in the bios.

So yeah .. it also seems PBO settings are simply not working, at all.

Yeah I have the same issue, it's really frustrating, trying to set my 7700x to eco mode through bios with a slight PBO but when I run cinebench I'm hitting 95 C, even though I set the custom throttle limit to 85 C

Customer Service Agent
Hi shokwavxb and j.battermann,
Is the model name of the motherboard ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI?
Do you mean other settings are not changed after adjust PBO settings?
May I have a video or photos about the settings and changes(before and after PBO adjustment)
Thank you.