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No signal right after starting a game

Level 7
Here is, the title says everything.
I ve a ROG swift 27 monitor, strix 1070 and a formlua vi mb.
The problems started after the install of monitor, I ve 2 monitors ( the other one is a regular 22 samsung dvi monitor as 2nd screen ).
A few months ago I ve started to experience this problems form hour to hour or day to day when I was playing my monitor gets no signal and I ghet forced to manual restart the cpu. Sometimes doing that solved the problem and sometimes not.
About 2 weeks ago its simple impossible to start a game, I just get the black screen everytime I start a game.
Since the begin, I ve read all over nvidia, rog, toms, reddit, dell, geforce, msi and tons of forums trying to figure out the problem.
Loads of **** everywhere included here, so before asking me to do something would be better to treat me as a good customer and try to solve my problem cause i m about to garbage all this stuff and buy from another company.
I m not a unexperienced pc user I ve build my own machines since 12.
I ve no power nor psu problems ... both tested with a rog 34 monitor, mb msi, strix 1080 ti.
I ve tested all of my components :

- i7 4790k ( + corsair h100i gtx ) - I used to play blizzard stuff cpu tem never goes over 55 celsius ( nzxt cam, corsairlink, msi after burner, cpuid etc ) the computer never crashes by stressing tests ( intel extreme tuning, furmark, 3dmark etc )

- Asus maximus vi formula z87 - bios up to date, no high temps, drivers up to date ( dunno exactly how to test components )

- 2x 8gb ddr3 corsair fury - mem 86 tested plus tested at my friends and brothers rigs, close to a month and no problems showed.

- 1x savage 240 gb ( os ), 1x savage 480 gb ( games only ) plus 1x 2 tb regular seagate ( data only )

- 1x gtx 1070 strix - no problems running benchmarks like 3d mark and furmark, no problems by playing games running at my bros and friends pc ( wow, hots, d3, lol, sc3 etc )

- psu rm-750x - no problems running my bros pc ( strix 1070, 4790k, msi mb ) and at my friends ( strix 1080ti, 8700k and godlike msi ).

- win 10 pro x64 - up to date

Now, please listen very carefully ... I really need a good customer service from rog.
I ve wasted tons fo money with your products ( besides this stuff I ve also have a spatha, a claymore, a centurion and a sheath ).
Im from brazil, sometimes I ve traveled to us JUST TO BUY acessories from you and I m really disappointed with this situation.

My PC is just a video game, a videogame that I cant play !!!

Please dont ask me to run DDU, unplug power cords, rollback drivers, do **** at windows power and sleep configs and things like that.
I need a solution, not people asking me to TEST like around the internet.

I hate to say that, but if I get no help from the prime team you used to say you have I ll really garbage all this stuff.
Its not easy to buy this kind of stuff again but I ll find my way ...

Tks in advance ... waiting for quick responses ...

Best regards,


* sorry about my poor english.