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New issues after RMA on NEW laptop

Level 7
Hello, firstly my name is Tunahan.
My problem with laptop was it was not booting and couldn't enter BIOS. It was related to secure boot. This problem happened on 16th of Jan 2022 (21 days since I've been using it). Other than this the laptop was working flawlessly I didn't see any other problem. Gladly it didn't have dead pixel problem like some people unfortunately gets them.

I ordered my Asus Rog Strix G15 513RW on 23th December 2022 and received it on 26th December 2022. After my problem I issued RMA, even though the bad reputation of the RMA in my area. Furthermore on Jan 18 my RMA request is accepted and I got UPS tracking number through my mail. On Jan 19, I shipped my laptop to them with the tracking number they gave me through UPS. I well done packaged it and I have photos of it how it is looking after i packaged. The woman at the UPS also checked it if it was well packaged and she also confirmed it was not moving a tiny bit since I didn't left much space for it to be damaged and congratulated me for packaging this well since damage on asus products are common according to her.
On Jan 23 they got my package and started repairing it. Inside my package I wrote them a long note from myself, simply telling whats the problem and not doing anything else besides fixing that and to properly package when sending back due to it might get damaged (because i saw it on internet that its common they dont package it well).

Despite only needing to update bios it took long but i didnt make that a problem since they are also a human and i thought they were just busy. After that on Jan 27th the repairing is completed. They sent it to me through UPS on Jan 30th and I got it from UPS on 31th Jan. Asus customer support had told me to open it on ups branch, long before I got the package. I asked the woman there on 31th Jan that should I open here to test it so if there are any problems i'd be sending it back and the woman said opening it at home while recording also would suffice. When I touched the package my heart started to bump and a sadness flow through my mind because something was moving inside and I at that moment felt so many emotions because of I scared it might have been damaged.

I took it to home and recorded while opening. Just as I thought, it didn't come the way I packaged but I checked thoroughly so it didn't have any problem on the outside, other than that I noticed a scratch on AC/DC Adapter and from this moment I started to get bugged since I am VERY meticulous person. I said thats ok tunahan, if the laptop doesn't have anything wrong then i can at least accept it as it is and call it work mistake but what do I hear? Electrical noise from the inside of the laptop and the right top of the keyboard. From this moment I started to get sad and was about to cry because it was not this way when I bought it. In addition to that the noises the fans are making have changed and it has a little high pitched noise that bugs me. I can even feel when the fans are going up and going down with this noise. It didn't have before. I can't exactly tell but it was normal fan blowing noise without hearing the spin of the fans before. I assume through bad packaging the fans might have damaged a little. Normally this wouldn't perhaps bug your average user but it bugs me and im not average user. Also, sometimes when I unplug the battery the laptop turns off completely. My assumption was sometimes it doesn't get power from its own battery. Other issue I noticed was the screen is flickering VERY RARELY. Yes it is very rarely to the point average user wouldn't perhaps mind but it still flickers and it didn't have this problem before and I can't stand this on a new laptop. I noticed this while browsing on the internet. Happening very rarely doesn't mean there is no problem. Furthermore I had ordered myself corsair vengeance ram before I had problems with my laptop and couldn't even see if it was working because of what happened in the first place so I now had the chance to see my additional 16 gb ram. I installed my ram and the laptop saw it automatically and there was no problem on it. It was half open and I didn't touch anything else. After adding the ram I had the opportunity to see and hear where the sound is coming. The little high pitched noises were coming from the fans as I thought and the electrical noise was more different. It was coming from the plug of the battery. Including to these, I saw a blueish colored pencil marks on the cables and some things and also a thermal paste flowing from some of the parts (not a lot of the parts). I said to myself okay maybe he wanted to check what is done and marked them but a thermal paste? This laptop originally uses liquid metal and I don't know why they applied thermal paste in the first place. I told to myself its okay maybe they were nice and used it but why is it flowing from some parts that apparently he used too much on some parts and also why didn't they take my note seriously? I wrote to them only to fix the not booting and not entering bios problem which was going to be fixed by only updating bios and now they even did things which I didn't want. I don't know if the problems I am facing now due to them done this while fixing or it was damaged due to poorly packaging when sending to me. I don't want to accuse people but these are what I am facing. I am student and working on coding. I was already late on my software and coding projects due to my laptop was on RMA. Now I don't want to deal with this anymore. I can't keep getting late to my studies or projects. I am now in my hometown due to university semester. My original package that had came with my laptop is in my dorm in another city. I will go there 1 week later as the university will start again soon. Afterwards I am planning to issue another RMA and this time I want a REPLACEMENT. I like my laptop but I don't want these problems with my brand new laptop. I've been using asus products for a long time since I like this brand but i am dissatisfied with how things worked this way. I always compliment asus near me and if people sees me with these problems 2-3 weeks later from now the value of my words will be no longer and i'll be embarassed. I can't send it now for a replacement because my original package is not here but 1 week or maybe 1 week and few days later i will do so when i go back to my dorm. If you need I have a video of me opening the package when I first got my laptop and also doing dead pixel test. Also a video of me showing whats the problem before sending to RMA and again a video of me opening the package from RMA. I can always record a new video explaining what you need. I don't want to lose my trust to this brand because I like it. Though i will not send now and will do it 1 week later, any help would be appreciated from you since the global support would accelerate things for me and having your support beside me would make me happy!

Update: I noticed few other things that made me even more upset. I notice a click sound on the mid right chassis when i push a little. There was not this issue before. When I touch gentle to the upper top of the display I hear squeaky sound. Here comes the neat part, the alt right of the touchpad is higher a little than others. It is put up unproperly. What is this asus? I literally wanted only one thing and that was a bios update and I wrote it on the note. I said this is a new laptop already and to not touch anything else. How are you going to help me now?

Update 2: When there is a heavy game on the background and I'm surfing on the web, it can be seen more than usual. It wasn't happening before, I used to browse on the web even when star wars bf2 was on the background and there was no issue like this at all before I sent it to RMA for secure boot problem. I'm utterly disappointed on my damaged product and can't wait for the day I'll send it back for a replacement.

Customer Service Agent
Apology for the experience. If you face any issues with service please share the RMA no in personal inbox with the thread link.

I've been told it's sent to the department and I will be updated about this case by Falcon but didn't get any update since. I will update the progress if I get any.

Today I just started it without plugging it and there was more flickering than ever before, it happens mostly on browser. I plugged in and the problem continued even though it was lesser. About progress, still no update from them. I am extremely dissatisfied with support I am getting, if there is any.

Customer Service Agent
Tunahanb64 wrote:
Today I just started it without plugging it and there was more flickering than ever before, it happens mostly on browser. I plugged in and the problem continued even though it was lesser. About progress, still no update from them. I am extremely dissatisfied with support I am getting, if there is any.

Our service team in Turkey said that the call agent will contact you. Have you still not received the contact?

Falcon@ROG wrote:
Our service team in Turkey said that the call agent will contact you. Have you still not received the contact?

No, no one called or contacted me.

Okay there is an update: They called me on 3:47 PM GMT+3, I didn't see it and saw it on 3:49 PM GMT+3. I tried calling back that number but it didn't go through. I called asus support and the guy said to me, that number tried to reach about my problem he also said to me I need to create another RMA request. I will soon request another RMA. Just like I said from the day I needed support, I will ship with its original package for a replacement. I no longer want to deal with this product. I will keep updating the process.

Update 2: My RMA request got accepted on 16th Feb, I sent it with its original package on 17th Feb and it reached on today 20th Feb. I will keep updating the process.

Update: On February 27, 2023, ASUS service in my country gave me a DOA (dead on arrival) for replacement or refund. I talked with the seller on March 1st, and he didn't have stock or anything equal. I waited for some time, and I spoke with him again on March 6th and wanted a refund. I am probably going to get my refund soon. Thanks to Falcon@ROG. He or she helped me throughout this problem and made my progress quicker.