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New issue on 3090 STRIX OC after 1rst RMA - Need assistance (Fr)

Level 7
Hello, Asus!

I will explain my issue as clearly as possible , as i'm a French customer and don't master english that well.

I purchased an Asus ROG Strix 3090 OC on October 2020, and in june 2021, the card "died". My computer suddenly shutted down, and can't be turned on again with the card plugged in.

So i sent my card back to my retailer, waited 6 weeks for it to be fixed, and got it back 2 weeks ago. But there is still two issues on it :

- The fans, like many others, do a massive rattle noise at certain speeds (60/70% and 80%+ in my case), i mentioned this issue to the RMA service, but they didn't fixed it AT ALL.

and a brand new issue :

- The delta between my average gpu temps (reported in Asus GPU Tweak II for exemple) and the GPU hotspot (reported in HWinfo64) skyrocketted from 12-13°C (before sending the card) to 20 to 30°C (after receiving the card "fixed") !!!!
This issue leads to thermal throttle as the card can hit 105°C on hotspot while beeing only at 75°C on "overall" gpu temp.

I'm concern this kind of temperatures will harm the card and, obviously, it actually leads to a massive loss of performance, as i have to undervolt the card pretty heavily to prevent it to hit those temperatures).

I can't really afford to resend it , as i use it for professionnal rendering , and you'll understand i don't trust my "authorised resseller RMA" anymore, as they caused new issues to appear, even after such a long time in RMA....

Please help me , i can't open the card because of the warranty sticker (to check if cooler is properly seated/Pasting done right) and i'm really concerned about having to send the card back AGAIN, loosing a month or more of work@home or having to buy another card to replace, and get it back unfixed ...

That is a premium "top of the line" card , i expected much more from it

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated , thanks a lot !

Regards ,

Level 9
Hello Mindrainer,
Please PM me your RMA number and product SN.
Thank you so much.

Blake@ROG wrote:
Hello Mindrainer,
Please PM me your RMA number and product SN.
Thank you so much.

Done, thanks for helping ❤️