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Need help with RMA and warranty

Level 7
I need help please! ASUS service is not treating me properly!

RMA # USCYK33547

I had a session with ASUS online support, and I was told to send the unit in for repair. I sent it in, and just received a quote for $490! The email quote from ASUS did not specify WHY I was being charged. It simply had a boilerplate statement that either the phone was out of warranty or it had physical damage. THERE WAS NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO THE UNIT AND IT WAS CLEARLY UNDER WARRANTY (purchased November 2018 from Amazon with US warranty, never dropped it, not even a scratch except a few superficial scuffs on the back which are due to the nature of the phone itself). I submitted a protest with ASUS and I am absolutely enraged! The protest form required me to choose whether I was protesting because the phone IS UNDER WARRANTY or because there IS NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE. But since I wasn't told the reason, how can I choose? So I arbitrarily choose the phone IS UNDER WARRANTY.

I called ASUS support and got the "Out of Warranty" department, and this is what happened:

The agent sent me pictures of damage to a phone, BUT THE PICTURES ARE NOT OF MY PHONE. The pictures may be of the same model phone, but the phone in the pictures has wear and tear, deep scratches, dirt in USB port with missing cover, etc. These are not the types of damage that would occur in transit. But my phone was pristine. No visible wear. No scratches. Never dropped. MY PHONE WAS SWITCHED WITH ANOTHER PHONE AT ASUS SERVICE CENTER, HOPEFULLY BY MISTAKE.

I need MY phone repaired under warranty!

Level 8
Hey Michael,

We’re terribly sorry to hear about the mix-up and thanks for providing your RMA #. We’re currently investigating your case and we’ll do our best to provide you with a satisfactory resolution as quickly as we can. Please send me a DM or email at for any updates to your case.

I appreciate your assistance. I sent you an email with more details.