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My x570-I motherboard is is faulty... Is there a fix or do I have to RMA it?

Level 7
I bought this Motherboard a few months back but using the USB ports and transferring files causes the system to become unresponsive and laggy. The speeds also keep going up and down really quickly, the speeds are inconsistent. The row of blue ports seems most affected, the one at the top causes the system to slow down the most.*

Is there a BIOS setting I'm missing that is causing issues? Or is this a hardware fault? I have the latest BIOS version. *

Level 10
Could be a cable issue, file size contributes to speed, transferring between internal and external devices will have speed fluctuations... USB transfers are never a consistent speed... But can try the latest and see if it helps Newest bios are here

I'm just gonna RMA it as it's most likely faulty. I can transfer a single large file between anything else and it's consistent. If I transfer it using USB it drops from 0 - 100 every few seconds and causes my system to lock up. It doesn't matter what USB stick I use and my mouse stops woking as well.

ASUS have THE worst customer support I've ever come across.Â*

I cannot send it in for RMA, I have to go to the place I bought it from..... Well that was eBay.

I've never experienced this with any other company. Usually I contact them, they allow me to send it for RMA and I get a replacement. ASUS is the only company that has done this to me. Â*

I will never buy another product from them again, it was brand new in box and never used... But no, no warranty for me despite it being in warranty until 2025.Â*

Hello terrorantula

Your system locking up could be a sign of instability.

Have you tried with default settings?