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Move Windows 10 install from primary HDD to new SSD and swap - G74sx

Level 7
What is the easiest way to do this if I didn't buy or have an adapter cable thing, and don't have windows disks?

I'm planning on replacing the primary HDD with the SSD. Laptop has 2 factory HDD's.

I saw this in another thread:

BrodyBoy wrote:

You can transfer the existing installation over to the new drive. You do that by creating an image of the original OS drive, then physically installing the new SSD, then finally copying the image onto the new drive.

Where do I put this image of the original drive at in order to access it when I install the new SSD? And won't I have an issue if I install the SSD without an OS?

Level 7
While Windows 10 does have a built disk image copy tool, I would use a 3rd party disc clone utility to migrate everything to the new ssd. AOMEI Backupper Standard and Macrium Reflect Free are good choices. You don't have to worry about what files to copy or building the operating system as it mirrors everything on the original drive.

The best way would probably be to remove the extra HDD not used for booting and install the SSD in that slot, then use a 3rd party tool to copy the drive. Make sure you use something advertised as being able to migrate a Windows install as it's more complicated than just copying files. I personally use Macrium Reflect and at least last time I checked they had a free version and documentation for migrating a larger HDD to a smaller SSD (same size is simpler).
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