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Motherboard 2nd RMA - Almost 3rd.. Still Issues

Level 7
Hi there,

Generally I'm happy with the experience I have with Asus, the products are of high quality and the customer service tends to be easy to deal with and provides the information I need. However, I've had one particular experience that has been far below my expectations.

I purchased/owned a Asus ROG Rampage V Extreme motherboard for about 3.5 years with no problems. Then on one day it decided to stop working - it would intermittently power on (most of the time it didn't power on at all). I tried all the usual troubleshooting steps i.e. clearing CMOS, replacing CMOS battery, switching bios etc but nothing worked. So I then decided to return it to Asus for a replacement (I knew it was out of warranty but I preferred to purchase one through them anyway).
I then sent the motherboard to Asus and paid for the replacement board via RMA. The replacement board I received physically didn't appear to be in the best condition as it had marks on the plug inputs "extreme" cover and there was some strange liquid that had dried on a portion of the face area of the motherboard. I didn't inform Asus of this at the time as I was so happy to finally have a motherboard back.
I installed the replaced motherboard (which was obviously refurbished) and it worked fine for about 2 months, then the same problem occurred. My motherboard went dead again and wouldn't turn on. I tried out the usual troubleshooting procedures but still no luck.
I was fairly frustrated at this time as I only just recently received a replacement board. I then began another RMA and sent the motherboard back. This time, the motherboard was under the 3 month warranty they give on replacement motherboards so I was sent another motherboard at no extra cost. I tried my best to ask for a different model or a brand new motherboard but Asus would NOT accept my request on several occasions which was extremely irritating considering this was the 2nd RMA!
I received my 2nd replacement motherboard yesterday and it looks in decent condition (it does still look to be refurbished though). I tried installing and running it and it took quite a few reboots and CMOS clears to get it to boot stably. I then noticed in my task manager that my motherboard wasn't recognizing all the RAM I have physically installed. So I tried placing different combinations of the RAM in different dimm slots and it appears that 2 certain dimm slots are faulty and wouldn't register the RAM - all the other dimm slots are fine and work with my RAM.

I'm at a point now that I'm very frustrated at Asus and their ability to provide a quality return process. I spent a significant amount of money on the motherboard originally and I expect the price I paid to reflect a quality company.

I'm hoping someone at Asus can help me with this issue and provide a solution that will make me not want to change brands.

Please note: this was all through the North American Asus repair centre (Jeffersonville, IN). I have several RMA numbers that I can provide.

Level 7

Is there an Asus rep I can message that will help me with this situation? Its extremely frustrating and is a poor reflection on Asus..!


Customer Service Agent
Hi Panc8Kes
Good day , I am so sorry to hear such experience from you. Please pm me your RMA No. to help me pass to relevent department, thank you.

Hi Alvez,

I PM'd you at the end of last week and have yet to receive a response - just wondering when I should be expecting one.


Hi Alvez,

I'm still waiting on a response and it's been over a week and a half since your initial reply.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi Asus reps,

Another update, my motherboard has completely died AGAIN. It's the same issue as the last 2 times. I've been in touch with Alvez but he is rather difficult to understand due to his english. Is there another Asus rep I can get in touch with? I'm keen to get a DIFFERENT model motherboard because as you can understand I don't have any confidence in the Rampage V Extreme anymore.

Please help.


Same issues here :(.

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*just a reminder that services inquiries is not a discussion area. Do not post in a thread unless you are the OP or a representative of ASUS, thanks*
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