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maximus xiii hero z590 board and sata problems among other things

Level 7
ok.. according to the manual when i added a pcie usb card to the third x4 slot it didnt disable anything but it did.. i lost 4 sata ports when putting an x1 usb card in that slot.. my problem with that is im coming from a maximus xii hero z490 board that had 3 full pcie slots and 3 x1 slots.. this new board only has one x1 slot and its covered up by the graphics card so i cant use that for my usb pcie card.. and i cant disable sata ports as im using 5 out of the 6 on the board.. and also cant use the second m.2 slot as it puts the x16 slot to x8 when you use it.. i had 3 nvme drives on the other board and all worked without disabling anything.. so im only able to use 2 of the 4 m.2 slots without disabling anything.. but need to add some usb ports on the system to run everything i have.. all the i/o shield ports are full and still need 3 more... i do have an open usb 3.2 header open on the mb.. the other is going to the case ports.. there is a card out there that fits in the pcie slot but doesnt have any metal on the board where it slides in.. just operates off of sata power and a cable going to it from the usb 3.2 header. it seems like if you want to use everything this board offers you disable something.. what a crock.. anyone having the same problem and found a workaround? wish they had added more x1 slots instead of all the nvme space..

Customer Service Agent
Hi nailmaker,

According to our manual, PCIEX16_3 shares bandwidth with SATA6G_12 and SATA6G_34. When PCIEX16_3 runs at x4 mode, both SATA6G_12 and SATA6G_34 are disabled.
(Please refer to the page vii, xiv.)
Moreover, M.2_2 shares bandwidth with PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2. When M.2_2 is enabled, PCIEX16_1 will run at x8 mode and PCIE_16_2 will run at x4 mode.
(Please refer to the page viii, xiii.)
Thank you.