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MAXIMUS XIII HERO + 2 x M.2 + I9 11900K -> impossible to have raid

Level 7
Hello everybody ,

I have a problem with my new hardware.
I bought a Maximus XIII Hero with Bios up to date. The processor is i9 11900K . So i have PCIe gen4 . I have installed 2 m.2 on M.2_1 and M.2_2 . Both are recognized. Till here, no problem.. But, When I choose RST for raid, I don't have any option about "M.2 Raid Support" to enable..

So , I can't have a RAID 0 on my 2 M.2 .. I have already sent an email to the support but, everyday we send an email and there is no solution for the moment. What's the problem on my configuration ?

Can you tell me why I can't make a raid on my 2 M.2 that are both recognised ..

Thanks in advance

I hope to read you

Level 7
tl;dr - you need to use m.2_3&4, then you can enable RST.

I've been ****ing with this board for literally hours, the SATA ports haven't matched up to what's connected, none of the m.2 ports work without breaking something or shutting off SATA ports. It doesn't feel like an upgrade from z390.. this **** feels like z390 but they rearranged some ****. I mean, what's the point of having 4 extra PCI-E lanes if I can't use any of them? every time I plug in a drive, it shuts another random port off. I'm only using this board bercause I got shafted on ebay for the parts... I swear, this is the last time I'm buying intel.

*if I use M2_3 & 4 , I won't be able to use PCIE gen 4 !.. Is it correct ?

Level 9
Can you please follow RAID configuration -
Please provide specifications and PM me for the specifications.

thanks thomas,

I sent you 2 PM.

kamilturut wrote:
thanks thomas,

I sent you 2 PM.

All Z90 chipset's Motherboard. To have raid 0 with PCI16x gen4 , You must buy 2 Intel's NVME m.2 .. other brand won't work.
But ,at this time, Intel doesn't have it's PCIE GEN 4 NVME M.2 device 😄

so forget this.. AMD is better for this..

Z590 is the previous chipset with little options that work with some specific brands.