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maximus XI hero with 2 m.2 ssd and gpu at x8 and not x16?

Level 8

Here is my problem:
I got 2 new m.2 ssd to put on my motherboard. 2 are 970 evo plus. They are both recognized natively on the motherboard, updated to the bios number 2004. My graphic card, since it was always on the pciex16_1 running at x16, suddenly went to x8 mode instead of its pervious settings, like it always did by the past before i set a pair of ssd's (the 2 m.2 i recently added). CPU is an i9 9900k also. Not to mention, this is also my only one gpu card.

When i tried to go into the bios, i noticed some buggy things happening. The pcie slot doesn't show any card inserted in it, half of the time, and other times, it says x8 native.

I do not understand if i am doing something wrong or if it is pefectly normal. I do not want my 2080ti to run at x8. So before to think upgrading my motherboard and cpu, i prefer to know if i can do something about the bios settings.

My setup is this one:
i9-9900k on a maximus XI hero (bios 2004)
rog strix rtx 2080ti oc
2x16gb ram at 3200mhz
blue-ray drive on pci slot1
WD hdd on pci slot 3
corsair h115i pro
seasonic 850W
970 evo plus 1T on m.2_1
970 evo plus 2T on m.2_2

When i launch gpu-z, i get this as a result (and the sensors)
93023 93022

It may be some power saving. But wich option should i then change into the bios to be able to release enough power to get 16 instead of x8 for the gpu card? of course, if this is the problem. As i said, i can't barely go to direct settings for the m-2 as nothing is shown as is with "m.2 options blah blah". Only shown as native.

Thanks for any help, can't imagine how it would be appreciated :o:o!

Customer Service Agent
Hi JaEDias,
If you remove the SSDs, is the PCIEx16_1 running at x16?
Is there no device in PCIE slot except PCIEx16_1 with the two SSDs installed?
May I have a photo of the below scenario? Have you tried bios all default settings?
"The pcie slot doesn't show any card inserted in it, half of the time, and other times, it says x8 native."
Thank you.