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LED on motherboard Stopped working on Strix Z370 E

Level 7
Hi guys, this is my first post here!
So, a few months ago, my rgb led located on the upper left corner of my Z370-E, stopped working after i turned on my pc the same way I'm used to.
So I tried removing Aura and reinstalling first newer versions, then some old versions. I gave up pretty quickly and I assumed that it was just broken.
But Today I read that some people were having the same issues (Turn on>Led flashes>Other leds light up>Mobo led still off), and so I decided to give it an other go.
I tried with Armoury software but still nothing, I turned on and off the led in The BIOS... still nothing. I even tried resetting the mobo by removing the battery! Now I almost lost hopes, so I'm asking for your help, because the MOBO itself is the best I've ever tried and thats the only issue that I encountered. 😞

Anyways, thanks for your time.

-Sorry for my bad english

Windows 10 pro x64
I5 8600k 5ghz
16gb 3200Mhz
Windows installed on ssd nvme (samsung 960 evo)