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Laptop GX703HS KF075T - Sleep Mode Issues

Level 7
Hi All,
So I recently purchased a GX703HS KF075T
From what I can gather I think there's still some issues surrounding the sleep mode
although I'm optimistic that this will be sorted out / fixed in a future driver update
It looks as if the GX703HS Device Kit is currently getting a fair few updates at the moment

I'm using Windows 10 Pro 21H1
With all the latest drivers installed via Armoury Crate / Windows Updates

1. The first thing is my mouse seems to be causing the machine to wake up for no reason
It's a Kone AIMO RGB Remastered PC Gaming Mouse (tried this with and without the Kone drivers installed)

I suspect it might be related to the way the sleep mode is being handled
It sounds like based on this
That Asus are using some sort of Software based sleep instead of the traditional S3 modes
since powercfg -lastwake doesn't show anything so you have to look at the App / System event logs to see what's going on.

I think some of the updates recently have stopped other random causes from waking up the machine
also setting the maintenance window to 10:00 in the morning and disabling windows updates in the local policy settings
Seems to have avoided other triggers of wake up (there is a tick box in the windows setup which states if this should be allowed but I'm guessing this is being ignored)

2. Next thing on the list which I think is a driver bug which will hopefully be sorted out is
the event log message showing up during sleep of

USB device draining system power when system is idle.
USB Device: VID: 0x13D3 PID: 0x3563 REV: 0x100
Removal action failed: SkippedAsRecentIoObservered

Under the device manager its listed as a USB Composite Device
I think this is one of the USB Host Controllers

3. One thing which is a bit of an inconvenience
When selecting Sleep from the power start menu, it doesn't always follow through
It seems to sign out the machine, try to go to sleep, fail then just show the sign in screen.
If I try triggering sleep a couple of times from the sign in screen then eventually it will actually go to sleep
If I want it to sleep all night then currently unplugging my mouse is a thing I need to do as well (see above).

4. For the Audio I've noticed when in sleep mode some very low volume noise on the speakers
(I think some describe it as coil whine) random noise (clicks / whistles) coming through the speaker on the left.
Fortunately it's fairly quiet (you have to put you're ear up to it to hear it)

So far I've tried disabling the speaker / AI inputs and outputs under the Control Panel -> Sound
That didn't seem to make much difference.
One thing I haven't tried is disabling the sound card in the device manager.
I suspect one of the logic pins feeding the audio dac is in a floating logic state so might be picking up noise from the rest of the machine.
I also tried disabling the keyboard lights while the machine was in sleep mode.
Probably a driver patch will eventually fix it I guess.

5. Another one that I did have although I've not re-tested it since the recent updates
Was with the USB3-A port on the left hand side, if I used a low power device such as a mouse it's fine
If I use an old USB3 Hard disk it seems to disconnect / reconnect randomly
Not a big issue since the workaround is to just use the USB on the right side of the machine
It's possible this one might be fixed now I'm not sure

6. This one isn't really a Asus issue although I think it does impact Asus laptops
due to they're use of Optimus as a go-between on the video

With the latest nvidia drivers 497.09 these seem to cause issues
Seems to be a nvidia bug affecting those with multi monitor
although I think it's also affecting laptops with optimus due to the way the display filters through similar to a multi monitor setup
so for now I'm using 472.12 which seems a lot more stable

Level 10
Hi there,
Thank you for reporting the issue.
May we know your BIOS version?
1.2. Do you have another mouse, maybe even better that it is wireless, to see if the wake up issue still happen?
3. if you put the laptop to sleep in a different way, like lock the screen or press the power button, does it log out the account?
Can you record a video for this?
4. if it is a coil whine, then it is actually normal. Because as long as the laptop is working, there will be a certain level of coil whine.
And most of the laptop function are still working in sleep mode.

Thank you.

Bios version is 311
I think it was updated to the latest via the windows updates channel.

For 1. 2. Not at the moment, unplugging the mouse seems to fix the problem though
3. If I try the power button it's the same thing, it signs out the user then turns the display off but doesn't go full sleep
4. It's not really coil whine, it's more like random clicks / buzzes different each time, like the speaker is picking up interference but it only seems to happen in sleep not when the power is on.

Another one I just picked up on
5. After leaving it asleep all night then waking it up the finger print reader usb device stopped working, a reboot fixed that

In relation to the finger print reader for info

Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
A request for the USB device descriptor failed.

Level 10
Hi there,
Can you record a short video for the sign out issue and the strange sound?
And just double checking one more thing, the problem all occur in sleep mode?
Does the laptop enter hibernate mode or wake up during hibernation?
Thank you.

It's purely sleep mode, I've avoided using hibernation as it would involve writing a lot of data to the SSD each time.

Level 10
Hi there,
Got it.
Please share the video when you have one.
Thank you.

So I've uploaded a video here
but I think it's also related to my mouse
If I have no mouse connected on a fresh restart all the way through then try and trigger a sleep everything is fine on the first go.
If I have a mouse connected on a fresh restart, then disconnect it before trying sleep it seems to cause this issue.

It might actually be in sleep but with just a false reading on the power light since it sounds like the fan goes off
As far as the buzz / clicks I've not been getting any of those recently so maybe the last patch fixed that
although I am still getting issues with the fingerprint reader stopping working after a full night of laptop sleep, not sure if that's also related to the mouse
I have been disconnecting the mouse before triggering sleep which prevents wakeup during the night, but it sounds like just having it connected at any time might be causing secondary problems.

Level 10
Hi there,
I found a laptop that is the same model as yours.
I put the laptop to sleep by start menu.
At the first 2 minutes, mine was similar to your. The right LED (hard disk) is still blinking, the left LED is always on.
Then after about 2 minutes, the right LED turns off and left LED start to blink, also the keyboard start to rotate the sleeping AURA.
And when I wake it up, it does not sign out my account.
So from the video, I am not sure if your laptop has really gone to sleep mode.
Anyway, can we narrow down the issues? correct me if I misunderstood.
1. fingerprint not working after waking up from long time sleep.
2.USB/Mouse driver randomly wake up the laptop, but you have not cross checked with different mouse
Thank you.

Ok so to narrow things down a bit

For the Mouse

1. Mouse causes machine to wake up during sleep randomly while connected
This can take a while to trigger (an hour or two maybe)

2. If the mouse has been connected / disconnected recently
then it can prevent the machine from going into sleep without a few tries
(mouse is disconnected at this point)

fyi mouse is connected on the right hand side of the machine
so far I've been using one of these -
Although I'm also going to try and test out some other mice I've got as well

For Other:

3. Event log messages showing:
USB device draining system power when system is idle.
USB Device: VID: 0x13D3 PID: 0x3563 REV: 0x100
Removal action failed: SkippedAsPersistentIoObserved
This may be related to the above

4. Fingerprint reader sometimes not functional after wakeup
Although this may be related to the above
This doesn't always happen right away, it can take a couple of sleep's for this to happen

I've got one or two keyboards / mice I can try so will report back once I've tried it sleeping overnight with those hooked up