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Keyboard Lag on 2022 Flow X13 (GV301RE). Bad driver?

Level 7
tl;dr Keyboard gets laggy or completely misses keystrokes. "Downgrading" the Fortemedia and rebooting is effective for a while, but inevitably the problem returns. Is it possible to pin a driver version in Windows 11?


Hey All, hoping someone smarter than me can give me some troubleshooting or fix tips.

I bought a 2022 Flow X13 (GV301RE) in June, and have basically observed this problem since I've had it.
I've linked a few videos of what happens with my keyboard. There are a few different ways in which it is failing.

Keyboard lag / eating keystrokes: As the videos below show, if I haven't typed for some time and start typing, it will take 1-3 seconds for keystrokes to show up on the screen. Often times the first 1-5 keystrokes are ignored completely.


Repeating keys: Similarly if I haven't typed for some time and start typing, the computer seems to register repeating keystrokes (as if I'm holding down the key). This is most visible when I am watching a video, and I hit the space bar to pause; it repeatedly pauses/unpauses the video until I hit another key to stop the repeating.

I haven't been able to capture a video of this yet, will record one next time it happens.

Things I've tried so far:

  • All drivers are up to date (via MyAsus), so is Windows Update.
  • I've also tried a factory reset.
  • Tried all the steps documented here (especially everything in the video):
  • I don't use a bluetooth keyboard regularly, but perhaps worth noting that I've not observed this issue on an external keyboard yet.
  • The one thing that seems to provide temporary relief is reinstalling an older version of the Fortemedia driver. At one point I noticed that the problem seemed to coincide with a Windows Update that upgraded my Fortemedia driver to v12.1.6003.59. However, if I install v12.1.6003.58 and reboot, this seems to solve the problem temporarily. I'm suspicious that Windows update keeps updating Fortemedia automatically and silently in the background which is causing the issue to reoccur, but I haven't been able to confirm this. It's also strange because this driver should have nothing to do with the keyboard, as I understand.

Anyone have any troubleshooting steps I can try to further narrow down the issue? Alternatively, is there any way to confirm that the Fortemedia driver is or is not auto upgrading in the background (and perhaps a way to stop that from happening)?

Any tips welcome, thanks!

I have the exact same issue. Have you managed to fix it?

Level 8

@brknblcby hard reset you mean hold power button for 30 seconds?

I removed the AC adapter, then pressed and hold the power button for 40 seconds.

Level 7

Were you guys able to solve this? I just bought my rog flow x13 GV301RE and im having issues with keyboard. sometimes it's not working at all and wehn i do reset from windows, it's working but i dont want to do that all the time because it erases my files. 

ive already tried updating bios, driver, reroll drivers, resetting pc and still the keyboard acts up and sometimes the only way to have it working properly again is by reseting the laptop 😞

Try to remove all the Asus related software and check if it repeats. There are a lot of services

Level 8

 I also had tried hard reset and it did not help. I have installed armory crate back to make a full test. it is funny that  bug appeared after a few days. I made a hard reset and it kinda helped as any reboot, but after a few more day it appeared again. the problem is definitely in armory crate  software. there are a lot of stuff installed and I am not sure which app or sevice exactly makes my laptop lag.

Level 7

I also had the same problem, but I changed fastboot to disable and solved it. Please try it.