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Issues with Port Forwarding ROG GT-AX11000

Level 7

I am having issues with port forwarding for my router. 


I am working on setting up a Pi node, which requires ports 31400-31409 to be open. 

However, using any port listened/verification it always indicates that the ports or closed. 


I have also verified that all the required firewall settings have been added and are correctly allowing access. I have toggled the firewall off, both on the pc and the router, to see if that changed anything, no dice. I've also assigned a static IP for the PC, and double checked that the IP Address is correct in the forwarding. 


There's no other devices between me and the router. The router is connected directly to the modem. 


I am running windows 11 Pro version 22H2, build 22621.1485


The service provided is Xfinity.