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Israel RMA process - absolutely ridiculous

Level 7
I'm writing this post because I honestly cannot believe that this is happening on a global scale and I want to understand how is this justifiable - Asus's RMA process in Israel is nothing short of a disgrace, and I've never dealt with anything like this before.

Here's a recap:

I purchased a PG279Q monitor a while back. I loved it so much, that I purchased a second PG279QE monitor to compliment it. In Israel's inflated prices, we're talking about almost 2000$ for both.
Over 2 months ago I noticed a dead pixel in the center of my PG279Q, so I sent it to RMA.

RMA #1: Got a call from the lab technical who told me that "I should just keep it because I might get something worse instead". Initially I agreed and got it back, but after a few days I've decided that the monitor is too expensive to accept dead pixels, and so I sent it back to another RMA.

RMA #2: I received the monitor back after the lab attempted to fix it by replacing the LCD panel on it. The panel I got back was completely defective - it had image retention issues (where a static image would cause burn-ins which would be visible until the monitor would be turned off for hours), horrible color uniformity, fuzzy text on refresh rates above 60 (honestly I don't know how this can even happen), etc.

RMA #3: I returned it again, this time it took the lab over a week to pick it up and over 2 weeks to repair it. The repair process was the same - they split open the monitor and replaced the LCD panel. The panel I got back was in even worse shape - it was really dark even on 100% brightness (the 100% brightness on the defective monitor is comparable to 20% brightness on my PG279QE when put side by side). In addition, this panel also had bad uniformity and backlight bleed issues.

RMA #4: I sent it back, this time demanding Asus' Israel representatives that I get a new monitor without having the lab attempt to fix it again, or that I would get my money back. After another week of having to go from representative to representative, some of whom say they'll call me back but never do, I finally got an assurance that if the monitor is found defective by the lab (the same lab who returned it to me defective), then I'd get a new monitor.
It took over a week for the lab to pick it up again, even after numerous phone calls to both them and the Asus representatives. I then got a phone call from the lab, saying that they're "not seeing anything abnormal" (shocking) and asked if I could send them "evidence" of the issue. Luckily I took side-by-side photos of the faulty monitor next to the good PG279QE. They then asked me for the PG279QE's serial number so they could contact the global lab and verify that there was an issue with the monitor.
After contacting Asus's representatives, I was told that this process could take another several weeks!

The 4th RMA has been open for 2 weeks now, and I've been without a monitor for over 2 months.

As far as I know from what I read online, whenever someone gets a defective Asus panel - they should get a replacement via RMA (it may be refurbished, but still a replacement).
I don't understand why Israel's clients have to go through a different process, during which the product is repeatedly tinkered with, replaced with faulty parts, sent back without any QC whatsoever and then having to provide "evidence" of the issue. What would happen if I didn't have a 2nd monitor? why do I need to be interrogated after 2 months of having my monitor constantly "repaired"?
I paid a lot of money for this monitor - I should get one without any defects and without having to through hell to get it.

I used to swear by Asus' products, but honestly I can't see myself ever purchasing another Asus product if is this is what I have to go through every time I have a defect.

Level 9
Hello everdreamz100,
I'm sorry about this.
May I have the SN or RMA number of your product through PM?
I would track your case and consult related management team for this case.
The photos of the monitor would be helpful as well.
Thank you so much.

Thanks Blake,

Sent the info in PM.

everdreamz It's 'Yael Lab'?
our asus service point is not official, and they use 3rd labs to fix the devices.

liplenny26 wrote:
everdreamz It's 'Yael Lab'?
our asus service point is not official, and they use 3rd labs to fix the devices.

Yes, "Yael Solutions", it's used as as 3rd party lab for both Asus and Dell I think.
They gave up and offered to refund my money.

A damn shame since this could have been avoided by simply replacing the defective monitor with a new one, instead of trying to save costs and fix it over and over again.

Not sure why there isn't a global standard for these things, as far as I know US customers don't have to put up with this kind of service.

Level 7
WARNING: ASUS has no backup parts for its EOL products. Meaning that if your ASUS product needs a replacement part in the near future, you have to replace the whole unit with their stocked EOL product (You will keep going through this process until you exhausted EOL products) How smart!
I bought my ROG laptop for around $1.3k and now they ask me to replace this EOL model with $1.7k because they don't have a replacement part but only the model!!!
Terrible after-sale service is what's stopping ASUS from growing to a giant!🤬