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[Israel] Monitor ruined in RMA, Asus refusing to replace it under warranty

Level 7

I have a serious problem with the Asus branch here in Israel, and was hoping for some assistance from the global support team -

Israel's branch uses a 3rd party lab for their RMAs. I used to have issues with their old lab in the past, so when I called their support and asked them if it was safe to send my monitor to RMA, they assured me that they had changed their old lab to a new one (due to too many complaints) and that I have nothing to worry about now.

Taking their word for it, I sent my PG279QE monitor to RMA due to bright spots.
They lab replaced the LCD panel on the monitor, and as a result it was now in a much worse state - with severe backlight bleed on the entire right side, as well as drastically reduced peak brightness (it can now reach about half the peak brightness as before the fix; I have a 2nd PG279QE monitor that I can compare it to).

I filed for a 2nd RMA and this time took the monitor to the lab myself - explaining to them in detail what is the problem and what needs to be fixed.
When I picked it up after the fix was complete, they told me that they replaced the LCD panel and motherboard.
When I took it home I noticed nothing was changed and the monitor still had the exact same defects.
I contacted Asus's support, and to my surprise they told me that according to the lab report - all they did was reset the monitor settings (!!!).

Not only did the lab outright lied to me, but they decided that all these insane defects can be solved by simply resetting the monitor's settings, which is a clear indication that they have no idea what they're doing and have no qualifications for handling this product.

I spoke with the support representatives and asked that either they replace the monitor with a new/refurbished one, or refund me.

They refused, asking me to send it back to RMA.

This is completely absurd - I am now stuck with a defective monitor, and have to keep sending it to RMAs to an incompetent lab until my warranty expires.
This is a premium product, that costs upwards of 800$ in Israel. Receiving it in such a poor condition back from RMA, and getting denied a replacement, is an absolute disgrace.
I really want to keep buying Asus products in the future but at the moment it looks like resorting to legal action is my only way of getting what I paid for.

Is there anything that Asus's global support can do to assist me on this?

Customer Service Agent
Hello, everdreamz100 .

I truly apologize for the frustrating situation you're going through with your monitor.
Could you please provide your name, contact number, the serial number of the ROG SWIFT PG279QE, and two RMA numbers via PM?
I understand how upsetting this can be, and I will look into possible ways to figure this out.

Thank you.

Customer Service Agent
Hello, everdreamz100 .

Thank you for sharing the information via PM.
May I ask if you could provide a detailed image showing the problem you mentioned? include the backlight issue and reduced peak brightness.
Please compare with the other functional PG279QE in the photo and clearly mark out the differences, if possible.

Thank you.

Here are the photos I sent to the support team in Israel (I'll add more if needed).
The defective monitor is on the left, while the good monitor is on the right. Both monitors are PG279QE.

1. Here you can see the backlight bleed. On the righthand side of the left monitor there's an extreme backlight bleed that was not present before the RMA -


And a closeup -


2. The peak brightness issue. This is a bit harder to demonstrate in photos, but you can see that when both monitors are at 100% brightness, the left one is significantly darker (I reset the rest of the settings for both monitors so it's not a matter of colors or anything else).


And a closeup -


Customer Service Agent
Hello, everdreamz100 .

Thank you for the comparison image you provided.
I have started to confirm your case with the relevant departments, and I will leave a comment or PM you once I receive any updates.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.