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Is it possible to add Extension Fan II support to the Asus Strix X570-e bios?

Level 7
Hi I got an asus extension fan card II off of ebay and I want to be able to control the fans connected to it (the fans just go to 100% by default) in the bios but the stock bios doesn't support controlling them. Is anyone able to mod the x570-e bios (or show me how to) to add extension fan card ii support? The closest thing I have found to doing this is it might be helpful but that is for a different motherboard.
Thank you for helping.

Level 12
Hi I40000HAR,
I'm afraid after consulted our tech team, fan extension card II is not supported on ROG Strix X570-E Gaming motherboard.
Please refer to the following link for the support product model.
Thank you.

Thank you for the prompt reply but I was looking more for a third party bios mod so I can get control over the fans as it does work just with no control.

After a week of screwing around with the extension card I find this. F*** !! I have the same motherboard. Did you ever preform a miracle and get it working?