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Intel AX Bluetooth is a disaster

Level 7
Hi. Please someone at Asus report to Intel this problem.

They only give the middle finger to their users, but maybe they will listen to you.

Every built in AX Bluetooth or add in card has severe problem handling more than one device at the same time.

A dualsense controller and a BT headset, impossible.

Two dualsense, impossible.

This only happens with Intel AX Bluetooth cards.

Doesn't matter which, ax200, 201, 210, 411, all have this problem.

trihy wrote:
Intel doesn't care about all their BT problems. It's not Asus fault.

Other BT cards support up to 8 devices at once when using gamepads or similar items.

Intel BT supports 1 at once.

I'm sorry, but that's simply not true. The Intel AX210 on my ROG motherboard quite happily connects to multiple BT devices simultaneously. I've just tested it with an Xbox Elite Controller, and two ROG wireless mice; all 3 connected simultaneously and seem to be working fine together. That's on Intel WiFi driver 22.200.x and BT driver 22.200.x. In theory the two parts of the card are separate, but I recommend keeping BT and WiFi versions the same or close (e.g. running something like WiFi 22.200 with BT 22.190 is ok; but avoid big differences in the version, like WiFi 22.200 with BT 22.40).

Do you have your external antenna connected to your motherboard? It's described as a WiFi antenna, but is actually used for both WiFi and BT. With no antenna, BT performance will suffer badly.

It's quite possible that there are some combinations of BT devices that don't like to coexist, but simply wrong to say that the Intel BT can only connect to 1 device at a time. I also recommend checking for firmware updates for your BT devices, as some problems can be on that end.

Level 7

Hi. sure, you can connect low BW devices at once, like mice, keyboards, etc.


Problem happens when using multiple high BW devices like control pads like dualsense, headsets, etc. Thats where intel AX cards fails in every aspect.


2 dualsense, multiple disconnections.

1 dualsense + 1 headset, impossible.

Sadlyis not a signal problem, or wifi interference. It´s low BW that cant handle those devices.

This doesnt happen with other BT dongles, just the faulty intel ones.