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IMPORTANT: Asus G15 G513QY Advantage Edition owners with self reboot issues @ READ

Level 11
please share your gpu-z vbios details as we trying to nail down on what exactly causes
These random reboots and which vbios versions has the problem, kindly update here:

We trying solve this problem for the multiple owners of this laptop, since so far Asus
Didn't confirm an acknowledgement of this issue unfortunately, so we run investigation on our own, a community one,
And show asus where problem lies so they could fix it for everyone who suffer from reboots on this model.

If you google "G513QY reboots" you will see the multiple owners with that problem reporting globally.

Those with working units that doesnt random reboot please share yours too, GPu-z screenshot enough for start, in that same twitter thread.

Thank you!

Level 10
Hi there,
This post is closed due to duplication.
The discussion of this issue will be continued in below thread.
Thank you.