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How do you get the PSU to show up in Aura Sync?

Level 7
I just noticed my PSU hasn't had RGB since I got it, I thought it was cause I run it in stealth but it's not showing up in Aura Sync but everything else is. It's the*ROG-LOKI-1000P-SFX-L that says it supports RGB on the box..... I've had endless issues with this X570-I motherboard since I bought it so I wouldn't be surprised if it's faulty. However because everything else is showing up there I'm going to guess it's either a BIOS setting that is off or a bug? Â*

There is no RGB at startup from it either and turning the BIOS to Aura All doesn't even enable it, but everything else is lighting up.Â*

Hello terrorantula,

Have you connected the ARGB cable to your psu and to an ARGB header on your motherboard?

Pic - 97562

Make sure it is connected to the ARGB Gen 2 header, NOT the RGB header.

pic - 97563

It didn't come with one in the box, but it didn't come with a manual explaining anything either so I just assumed it would work through the power connector or something.Â*

Double check all the cables in the box, there should be an ARGB cable.

pic - 97564

No there is no cable in there so I don't know what happened to it, however there is no manual either which is odd. Is there meant to be a manual? Are the boxes meant to be sealed? Cause my motherboard didn't come sealed so I didn't care the Power supply wasn't either.Â*

ASUS usually puts a seal on their boxes.

According to the package contents you should have a manual too, contact the store you bought it from and see if they can help you.

If they can't help you, call the ASUS U.K. phone number and tell them the situation.

ASUS U.K. phone number - 44 1442 202700

Let me know how you make out.

Customer Service Agent
Hello, terrorantula.

The following wiring and user manual are expected to be included with the ROG Loki SFX-L 1000W Platinum, according to the official website.
Please check with your dealer first to see if you are missing any necessary parts.

Thank you.