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HEY support....WTF already?

Level 8
How many stupid emails do I need to send to get help? Ive got a busted monitor, graphics card and now a busted PCIE slot which means a motherboard! This system is less than 6 months old and I'm growing tired of going round and round with you folks! My system is pretty much unusable at this point so WTF?

I'm seriously loosing faith in Asus at this point!

What is it going to take?

COVID is absolutely no excuse for the horrible service your providing. When I got my first Crosshair board you guys rocked. Since then its been downhill!

And if anyone wants to complain about me being harsh the paper trail and hoops Ive had to jump through are just stupid at this point! Not to mention the 2 separate techs via "chat" that just phoned it in and didn't care to help or troubleshoot anything.

Level 8
Hi Shoktronic,

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues creating RMAs for your products and the inconvenience this has caused you. I can help you with getting this processed:

Can you please email me at with the following information?

Serial number(s):
Full Name:
Contact #:
Shipping Address
Issues you're having with the products:


I'm emailing you now. I'm on the phone with a "supervisor" from Asus phone support but its not going well.

Are you based in the USA or are you overseas like them?

Not going to lie the service support by phone from overseas is horrible! It's like calling Dell!



Level 8
I was going to email you directly but I want everyone to read this so they can make a choice if they choose to buy from Asus ever again.

OK, so then let me just say..... I will NEVER EVER in my lifetime buy another Asus product!

Your companies so called "support" is pathetic & false!

After spending a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with the worthless Tier 1 support I had to ask for a supervisor because the so called "tech" wouldn't stop reading his script and talking over me while ignoring the problem and the steps I had already taken and been instructed to do.

Via email your company has had me jumping through hoops to troubleshoot this monitor & graphics card myself. The troubleshooting steps were repetitive. The email has "clear CMOS, use different PCIE" and others steps listed multiple times as if it was copied and pasted and not checked. Additionally they say to download FurMark, Heaven & Asus GPU Tweak but say nothing about what they want you to do with it or any reports they want. After going through all of it, moving parts between multiple systems, checking against multiple monitors and so on BOTH the monitor & GPU are having issues outside of normal operation.

NOW, after finally getting to a "Supervisor", who didn't know anything about computers apparently, I explain everything and ask what is going on? I was met with silence as he put me on mute. I asked him did anyone read the email I sent back? Has anyone looked at the notes from my file? Why do they keep asking for my serial number over and over? Does no one have a pen and paper or even notepad on the computer? Again a script about "Im sorry, our policy, blah blah".

I had to go over EVERYTHING for probably the 7th or 8th time explaining what this stupid card and monitor are doing. In the past support has been helpful, asking for screen shots, asking for reports from benchmarks, etc. All this time, nothing! No real support of any kind.

So long story short, they created 2 RMA's and want me to send them in for 7-10 business days for them to troubleshoot it. OK, fine I guess at least "someone" will do something right? So I say "Good thing I kept the box for the monitor". Supervisor responded, "Please sir, do don't send it in the original box as it will not be returned". Uhhhh, OK... how do you want me to ship a $1,500 monitor? Not like it will fit in a flat rate box! And it's not like bubble wrap is going to do much for a 50 lbs monitor! Again, "MUTE".... comes back on "OK sir I have created the RMA, thank you very much is there anything else?". I'm loving the empathy your company exudes!!! I say NO and hang up because my blood pressure is high enough at this point.

So 10 minutes later I check my email. I HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP THESE BACK??? WTH???? Because the Tech support is non-existent I have to pay to ship $3,000 worth of tech back to Asus for them to do god knows what for how ever long they decide? Again, unbelievable! Another reason never buying Asus!

So, one more phone call to see what can be done. I get an agent "Chris" which I doubt was his real name who I can barely understand because his accent is so thick. I explain everything and give him my RMA number. He [proceeds to repeat himself repeatedly that "The customer must shoulder the burden of shipping the item". So I ask for a supervisor. He puts me on hold, checks back 3 times and then my email chimes....FedEx label. Huh? He comes back on and asks if I got the return label. I said yes, I got one, is there a 2nd? Again hold..... comes back and asks me to check. Theres #2!

So Asus basically will have a customer, who shelled out good money and exhausted a lot of their own time and is now going to be inconvenienced, pay for shipping unless they become the squeaky wheel. Again, poor business and horrible empathy folks!

Now at this point based on what others have posted about the 2080ti and PG43UQ I'm worried that I will be in the eternal RMA black hole and most likely neither one of these items will last beyond the manufacturer warranty. So at this point I'm preparing myself for the loss of $3,000 due to poor product development coupled with poor support.

I challenge you to prove me wrong!

WOW!! i may not buy again as well, and thank god everything is working well besides armoury crate. I feel for ya. Just like amazon they pay shipping sending the stuff back. That's just brutal.

Shoktronic wrote:

So 10 minutes later I check my email. I HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP THESE BACK??? WTH???? Because the Tech support is non-existent I have to pay to ship $3,000 worth of tech back to Asus for them to do god knows what for how ever long they decide? Again, unbelievable! Another reason never buying Asus!

So you have to pay all of the shipping charges both ways, huh? Wow. And are those international charges? Are you shipping from one country to another or just locally? Just wondering if it's the same with Gigabyte, EVGA and MSI. Do they all expect you to cover the shipping when the fault is with the maker?

Honestly, I have contacted Asus via chat a few times. Twice I was put "on hold" and after waiting half an hour discovered I was not "on hold" at all, but rather had been disconnected. Second, the only time I ever contacted Asus via email it was obvious nobody had read a single word I had written, based on a cut and paste response. I sent a second email, and got the same thing: Nobody had read a word of what I had written. They had simply once again cut and paste a response from somewhere else that did not address the issue whatsoever.

One thing though, the hardware is first rate. But then it is very expensive. And, albeit others who have motherboards from other makers have reported similar issues, in at least a few cases, a number of recent Bios releases are very problematic. Armoury Crate, Aura, AI Suite 2, etc. all stop working properly before long too, so I have rid my systems completely of all of it. I am not happy that I paid for RGB lighting when the software for it does not work, and hence I have turned all of it off.

In a nutshell, in at least a few cases people report horror stories with support. But then all of the people who have no problems have no reason to post here. Also, it is plainly obvious that the majority of software is not updated regularly, and hence stops working properly in time. In some cases, as with recent Bios releases, the problems are baked in at release.

So, yeah, I can relate. Thank you for posting your experience. It is helpful to the rest of us who have been brand loyal from the get go but may need to rethink things. You can be sure Asus is not going to change. The prices of the hardware are very high, and while the hardware is great, the software is typically more trouble than it's worth, and the support can be horrible.

Honestly, I don't know why they don't hire a few people who can train these support and customer service people and address these issues. I also don't understand why they don't have software staff that are able to regularly update the software so that it continues to function properly. Know though that manufacturing is often a very cost intensive kind of business. But nothing is stopping Asus from addressing these issues, and if they don't they are probably just shooting themselves in the foot in the long run. Their loyal customer base, people like me, are just going to switch to another maker.

Lastly, it is astounding they don't want to you ship your monitor in the original box because they will lose it or throw it away or whatever. That is ridiculous. How easy is it to find another box (and associated packaging) that would fit perfectly? What am I missing?

Just in case anyone was wondering (Asus terms):

5. RMA methods
If RMA is necessary, you have to deliver your product to the nearest ASUS Repair Center. ASUS may, in its sole discretion, simplify the service procedure by offering you to deliver the Product to the retail shop where you bought it or through a free pick-up and delivery service.

ASUS Warranty Information Form › support › images › upload

MSI, in comparison:

1.4 Circumstances where free maintenance service is not provided

In any of the following conditions, whether the Product is within the free maintenance time-limit or not, the Company may refuse to provide the maintenance service, or may request you pay related parts and labor charges, as well the to and from shipping charges;

You are unable to present the Product's warranty card, purchase receipt or invoice for the prove of Product still within the warranty period;
The warranty card has been altered or its date is hard to recognize;
The Product is not acquired from an authorized distributor of the Company or is acquired from illicit sources;
The complete unit or parts of the Product has gone beyond the warranty period;
Any breakdown or damage caused by non-compliance of regulations stated on the user manual, or improper packaging, storage and use;
Any breakdown or damage caused by installation, repair, modification or removal (breaking mark, damage or loss of the product compliance label) performed by service centers or personnel not authorized by MSI;
Any product breakdown or damage caused by use of parts not certified by MSI's original factory;
* The serial number pasted on a complete unit or the parts is broken, defective or tally with the mainframe;
Any breakdown or damage caused by accidental factors or man-made reasons (including computer virus, moving, compression, scratch (scrape), hit, crash, high temperature, high humidity, water inflow, use of inapplicable voltage, non-factory battery and transformer, stain, corrosion, etc.);
Any breakdown or damage caused by use of pirate software;
Any scrape (scratch), liquid leak, crack, etc. on the LCD screen surface;
Any breakdown or damage caused by natural disasters and human calamities (such as earthquake, fire, riot, etc.)


In summary it sounds like Asus may arbitrarily decide to pay your shipping, while MSI would only require you to pay those charges under specific circumstances. Interesting.

EVGA (re: Motherboards) You are responsible for shipping costs to EVGA, including any duties, fees, taxes or customs
charges incurred.


Gigabyte: During the stated warranty period, GIGABYTE / AORUS will for free, provide product repair services and if the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced. The repairs and replacement service could still be subject to shipment fees for customers.


In summary, it appears as though MSI offers to cover your shipping under warranty. EVGA requires you pay for it (in the case of motherboards, at least). In the case of Asus and Gigabyte, it is arbitrary, and hence, you cannot know for sure either way with these two makers.

Level 8
Dear Shoktronic,

I understand that you're not having a pleasant RMA experience and it's unfortunate to hear our Customer Support recommendations were an inconvenience to you. I wouldn’t want to wish this type of frustration upon any of our loyal ASUS family. My name is Justin and I work for the Customer Loyalty Team at our North America Corporate Office. I assure you I will do my very best to help resolve any issues with your RMA. Please accept our sincerest apologies and send me an email so we can collaborate towards a satisfactory resolution. I hope to hear from you soon.


Level 11
They deleted my post here. Lol. In a nutshell it appears as follows: MSI pays for shipping. EVGA does not. Gigabyte and Asus may or may not.

Also, Asus support needs improvement, big time. The software, bwa ha ha ha. The Bios releases are sometimes a real problem. Updates for things like Armoury Crate, AI Suite 2 etc are waaaay too slow and before long these programs stop working properly.

Level 8
I hear ya. I emailed a more detailed response to Justin. Back when I had the original Crosshair ROG here stepped up and helped replace a defective MB. But ya, I've had the problems with AI Suite since it's inception. It's NEVER worked right and BIOS, yeah that's a whole nother post! With all the product sponsorship on YouTube from Asus you would think they would step up their game.

Im hoping Just can help out but Im dreading shipping this stuff in after reading this forum and other online forums about the horror stories.

Only time will tell!

He's got my email. Lets give him a chance to see what can be done.

Level 11
I think you can ship in the original box, but will not get it back. I would be careful though and take a picture of the serial number etc on the box, and myself, I would even cut that part off and put it somewhere safe. Undoubtedly they want you to keep the box for that reason.

Also, I think Asus is shooting itself in the foot with their support and software. It's usually only half baked. Customers who are loyal because the hardware is usually top notch are just going to seriously consider other makers. What they need is a few people who are systems thinkers to lead their support, service, and software divisions. If you or anyone is wondering what that means, Steve Jobs was systems thinking incarnate.