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Help with old but historical reliable PC

Level 7
First, I acknowledge this is a really old PC and I was researching building a new computer. But I did not want to go out this way so I am hoping someone can help me get my PC running again.

I have a Maximus V Extreme *which had been running fine until I installed a 4TB Samsung EVO SSD. I was getting frequent hardware faults and on a full scan I got some bad blocks and recovery failed. Samsung told me this was possibly a SATA cable issue and recommended I switch to a different cable and port.

When I did this and restarted the computer I got a light blue screen (not BSOD) which said “retry”, “go to settings” and “recover” by hitting enter, F8 and F9. However none of the keys worked. I rebooted and figured it was a boot order issue so tried to get into the BIOS (I would get the splash screen) but it would always go to the light blue despite hitting F2 (which has always worked in the past) or the del key. After a few tries at this I switched the cable back and got the same light blue screen. I unplugged all my other drives and USB devices except my keyboard and mouse. I switched from a DP cable to a HDMI for my monitor. ImAfter a few more light blue screen then got a black screen with boot code 36 showing. I pulled my two memory sticks (which had not been giving me problems that I knew of) and reseated them. Then I tried running with just one stick. I tried switching BIOS with the button on the motherboard. I reset the CMOS with the button on the back. All I get now is code 36. At no time did I hear any pops or smell smoke.

Any advice on how to get my computer booted again? I will accelerate my new build but really don’t want to feel pressured to rush if I can avoid it. Thanks for any help with this golden oldie!


Level 7
I appreciate all the looks, but any thoughts are welcome. I unplugged the computer overnight and took out all USB devices (including my keyboard/mouse) just to see if it would boot. Still code 36. Any thoughts on code 36 steps? I've done everything I have found researching except reseat the CPU (which sounds so low yield since this has been running stable for years). Any help at all is much appreciated. If you rather, I welcome PMs as well. Thanks! Off to research a new build.

Level 12
Hi blade7658,
Please refer to the instructions in the following link.
Thank you.