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Help > XG Station 2 questions

Level 7
I'm looking to purchase a XG Station 2 dock to go with my aging G752VT laptop. I have two questions if someone could help answer:

1. What is the true max size GPU card that I can put in the dock? Will the massive "MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming X TRIO" card fit? By the online specs, it may be 1~2 cm too long or too wide.

MSI card specs: 328 x 140 x 56.5 mm

XG2 max card size ?: 312 x 170 x 44 mm

2. Once I have it working, the laptop will have a native 970M GPU but the XG will carry a desktop GPU. what Nvidia driver version should I download and use (desktop or notebook version)? I know they're the same version number but Nvidia builds and deploys two different file versions. Which one is more relevant to use with a laptop/XG2 combo?

Level 7
UPDATE: Bought both...the card is too big to fit so it was returned to Newegg less a $160 restocking fee (and that's why I never buy from Newegg unless I have to) 😞

Anybody know how to control the RGB lighting within the X2? I can't get the Armoury or Crate software to recognize it. It finds the keyboard and mouse just fine.