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Hello Asus Staff - Where Are You?

Level 10
I just wanted to make this post, in hopes that the people that work at Asus read this, and pass it onto the management.

This forum is under an official Asus .com, and when you advertise something like this online, then the business who creates it, their Staff should be here supporting it.

I'm a PC Geek, I know how the internet and forums work, and I'm really upset that I come to a forum like this, and I don't see the Asus Staff helping on posts made through out this forum.

OK, so maybe it's my mistake, but you have various areas divided up by the various hardware, so that people post in these specific areas, that should also mean, Asus Staff follows these sections and helps your customers, and not leaving it up to the community.

So maybe I should of just made a post here looking for help, but instead, because of the motherboard I have, I made a post in that specific section instead, looking for help.

So if the community of users is not around, and end-users are posting in these section, I hope in the future we are going to see the Asus Staff helping us with our problems.

This is a post I made, and received no help, very disappointing;

Next time, if I really need help, then I will come here and post all my questions, but think about that, if we want real help directly from Asus, this is where you want us making requests under Rog Care?


P.S. We're Customers, a lot of us aren't sitting around waiting for a community of users, to hopefully help us, we come here looking for help right away, and that's how it should be, support on this forum from the Asus staff, instead of calling on the phone looking for support.

Super Moderator

This section is somewhat ironically ONLY monitored by ROG staff, so I'm not sure what you're asking given you've now posted in the correct section but without an actual question. 😉

Any further support related enquiries can be made in ROG Care. Hope this helps!

Thank you
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