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GTX 1080Ti serious problems

Level 7
Hello everyone,

My GTX 1080Ti has some serious problems. I get crashes on games like the Division 2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I have been benchmarking the card on two different systems unfortunately with the same results.

I used benchmarks apps like Heaven and Superposition and after a while, I get these flashes/flickers
and few scenes later the benchmarks crashes.

I have set the GPU on its stock settings but the problems are still there. I use MSI afterburner and GPU
TWEAK II to overclock or set the default settings.

NOTE: I have been testing the card for 2 days the cables are firmly installed on the GPU, i don't think there is
an issue from a power limitation. I have uninstalled the nvidia drivers using DDU and reinstall them twice!
I bought the card from but i live in Greece. I made contact with them and they refused to RMA the
GPU and they said I should speak with the reseller.

Any advice?

Flickering link below