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gtx 1080 ti poseidon still under warranty but refused from german RMA

Level 7

I purchased an occasion gtx 1080 ti poseidon for 10 month because it had a warranty till december 2020. Now the card is not showing any signal. I contacted the RMA, and they refused to recognize the warranty, arguing that the local warranty is only valid in Germany while the card purchased on proshop germany is only valid in Danemark (proshop is danish ).
I tryed to change the local warranty to a danish local wsrranty but asus refused it too.

What would you do in this case ?

Best regards

Level 10
Hello twanmal,
I'm sorry this happened to you, it's pretty common when buying things online.
yes, your device is having local warranty in Denmark and can only be serviced in Denmark.
Warranty can not be changed because it had been regulated according to the local regulation when sending out from factory,
and also possible that other country does not sell that particular product.

Please kindly contact our Denmark Team and arrange service for you.
Or you may contact your seller as well, we do find some international sellers will help their customer to deal with cross country product they imported.
Thank you.

dimitry from asus danemark refused to transfer the warranty to danemark for one week, but I made another request mentioning you

the RMA just changed the card, Thank you.