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GT-AXE11000 router problems w/ clients disconnecting hourly, others

Level 8
I've had a variety of problems with my GT-AXE11000 router, purchased new from amazon in May. My previous ASUS RT-AC3200 gave me none of these issues with the same clients.

The most severe and dumbfounding problem is that certain devices get disconnected after exactly one hour. It's like clockwork, down to the second. Some devices are wired, some are wireless. The problem is not DHCP leases; the AXE11000 is giving out 86,400 second leases like normal to all clients. Only two devices are affected: a MacBook Pro (wired connection!) and the old RT-AC3200 which I factory-reset and repurposed as a media bridge for my gaming PC. Of my ~25 other devices, including TVs, Rokus, tablets, phones, etc. none of the others are afflicted by this. There's nothing at all in the logs when this happens to the wired MBP, and I have other wired devices which are unaffected, too.

Separately, I had a variety of bad experiences with AiMesh when trying to use the AXE11000 as the main node, and an RT-AC88U (recently purchased) as a mesh node, with wireless backhaul. I since installed a cable between rooms but the AiMesh setup was so terrible -- some devices finally stopped being able to connect to the network at all, even some wired devices including a Roku connected directly to the AXE11000 -- that I factory-reset both devices and started over with only the AXE11000 and no mesh node.

I hope firmware updates will help, but I upgraded to 386_43983 two days ago, and the disconnects every hour problem persists. I'm considering whether to factory-reset everything again and give AiMesh another shot, or keep things simple and wait for another firmware update. So far, this AXE11000 seems like a really bad purchase; I updated my amazon review to 1 or 2 stars and if I could give it 0, at this point, I would.