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GT AX11000 some questions... VPN Fusion

Level 7
hi friends!
i have some questions about the ax11000 i hope you can help me with that or schow me a walkaround.

first of all im using the latest beta firmware. Usually i would not use any beta firmware but in this case it said that security vournabilitys had been fixed... i thougt this would not take long until the official release gets pached as well but did not happen... so would you recoment to use the official release oder the beta release and my question targets especially security. im not interested in any features which might had been added to the beta.

second topic is a bit more difficult. and my english is not the best sorry for that...

so is there a way to get the VPN Fusion working relyablely?
im using my ipohne to check from time to time if the vpn is doing its job sadly lots of the time my iphone gets the default route to the internet. that means it shows me my public ip when i look it up. when i disconnect the wifi and reconnect usually i get the vpn ip. as far as i can see this is some kind of fallback behavior when for some reason the vpn connection is not yet established or fails than the router uses its default internet connecion as fallback even for clients that should have been in the vpn.
the second option i have here is to use the vpn as default connection in this case it allways workes as expected. the problem with that option is that the router itself uses the vpn then as connection for its gameserver pings and firmware updates and so on... this was not my intention. i want to seperate some devices especially untrustable devices from my network and my ip but all my other devices should get direct access.

best wishes and stay awsome!