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GT-AX11000 Router w/ GT-AC5300 Node Issues

Level 7
hello everyone,

i originally had the gt-ac5300 router set up as my main router, not savvy with all the administration options as it was my first "pro" router. i just left it with whatever settings it automatically gave me. tried searching a few times for threads or videos to better understand the advanced settings to calibrate it to potentially run better but never had much luck.

now, a couple months ago i got some nest security cameras that i couldnt for the life of me get to connect to my network. exchanged them thinking they were faulty and got the same result. figured it had to be the router blocking them. found no help online so i sat through the brutal asus tech support line for hours until i finally got through to someone. they got me to change a few settings that got them to connect and were in the middle of telling me other settings i needed to change to "calibrate" my router to give me better results on my network, buuuut the call dropped and i had zero interest of sitting on hold for hours again to continue the process.

fast forward to this week. i upgraded to the gt-ax11000, removed the old netgear wifi extender i was using and set my gt-ac5300 up as a node thinking that id have much better coverage through my house (1100 sq/ft bungalow). i legit have wifi connection a block away from my house now. the router is in my basement connected to my main pc, xbox, etc... and node is upstairs directly above the main router (connected to my secondary pc and xbox + wifi accesories in my livingroom), so should be getting a solid connection.

my issue now is everything connects fine, it says both have a strong connection when i login to the router, BUT my actual connection (hardwired and wifi) has completely sh*t the bed since getting the new router and adding the node. i had much better performance when i had the 5300 running with a netgear nighthawk ac1900 extender. i get mad stutter in my connection now. hardwire speeds are much slower, streaming feels like im back in 2002 with the constant buffering, i get faster data speed off my phone than i do when im on wifi so half the time i just disconnect my phone from wifi and lastly my security cameras are running like complete garbage. constant loading, can never get a solid run on them of more then a couple seconds before they buffer again and they are recording at a resolution worse than any picture/video ive ever seen of bigfoot or loch ness monster.

its super irritating that $1000 in networking devices are being this much of a pain, but im sure its something simple that i need to change. i just dont know the in's and outs of them as i stated before. so wondering if someone else has this same setup that can send me their settings i can copy or walk me through all the steps and what i need to change. i'd like to thoroughly go through everything to get the best performance i possibly can

i do have a pretty wifi heavy home (computers, phones, tablets, gaming systems, tv's, appliances, security cameras) with gaming and streaming used the most, but these 2 routers should be able to handle the load considering it worked fairly mint with my old setup.

**running fiber+gigabit internet through shaw in edmonton canada with cat 8 cables. last speedtest from last night was 571.36 download and 108.79 upload. used to be more in the 900-1000 download range prior)**