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GPU slot won't lock. Asus refuses to fix

Level 9
Got a Z690 Extreme that I've now sent in for RMA 3 different times, got a new board each time and every time the GPU slot won't lock. I've jumped through all the hoops and even provided video proof that it doesn't lock so now after the 3 time, even with video proof they are claiming it's locking when it's not and refusing to do anything more about it.

I've heard horror stories of ASUS and it's lack of CS but finally experiencing it first hand. What options are left for me since I can't use this board if the slot won't lock?

I guess I'm just SOL, so please use this as a warning for anyone who plans to buy from ASUS in the future. Avoid them like the plague they are. No matter what you do to show there is an issue they will deny it and refuse to do anything about it.

Level 9
Mate I am not being funny but are you being serious? How are you expecting that to lock when you are using a non standard connector without the hold for anything to lock onto, This is not a fault with the board.

Level 9
you serious. complaining a riser cable wont lock in that will have 0 force on it and from what it looked like was in there pretty good.. Looked like you needed quite a bit of force to remove it. Will a gpu latch in if you install it directly im willing to bet it will and its not an asus issue more a riser cable issue.
I've delt with Asus CS with a faulty GPU bought used 2070 ROG Strix on amazon and had 0 issues with them quick RMA process and they swapped my card for a new one because it was un repairable. From when i sent my card in i got the replacement in under 5 days.

Level 12
It looks to me like you are not unlocking it prior to inserting. Does that board have the button to open it up?

The lock should be pulled back prior to inserting, it does not look that is being done.
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Level 16
Ouch - watch the video at 0.25x playback speed. It looks more like an attempt to wrench that poor riser out of the slot at all sorts of nasty angles. It was hardly going to fall out on its own, so I don't understand the problem. You can use it - the video clearly shows what a nice snug fit it is. It's a riser cable, there is no load on it at all. Also, why pull it out by the cable? I feel really sorry for your hardware.

If you've shared that video with ASUS, I'm amazed that they replaced your motherboard even once, let alone three times. Seems like an ASUS endorsement to me.
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Level 7
OutSider, buddy you really need to stop 420 for a second. Let's start with the way you use your hardware. Never take out anything from slots like that, EVER. PCI Express locking thing is something of a "new" thing designed to lock cards in place because they're getting so heavy. In specs by Peripheral Component Interconnect, you will see PCI Express port has NO locking mechanism. It means the port will work just fine without ANY locking and the card WILL NOT fall off without a lock, that's why we screw them in with two and sometimes three screws. OEMS using locking and lately unlocking buttons for EASE of use, that's all. Now your specific problem. DO NOT lock your extender, just don't. For a heck of it try to lock a GPU right on the board. Also if you received 3 different $1400 boards and all 3 have an identical issue, it's time to look at what is wrong with what you trying to do or hardware being used. In very rare cases ASUS does things that are mass in scale but in most cases, we know about it.

Take care and stop 420 before it's too late.

Customer Service Agent
Hello, OutSider420 .

The GPU appears to be connected to the motherboard through a connector in the video you provided.
May I ask if the GPU can generally direct-plug to the motherboard? Could you provide the brand and model name of the GPU as well?

Thank you.