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[GL553VD] Bad DVD faceplate since purchase

Level 7
Dear Asus Support,

I am writing regarding the bad DVD Faceplate on Asus GL 553VD.

Ever since the purchase of Asus GL553VD, I do notice that the faceplate is a bit wobbly, during that point of time I assume that it is normal to wobble.

Recently when I manage to take a look on other Asus GL553VD, I notice that the faceplate shouldn't wobble at all. So I did a basic troubleshooting.

The finding of a bad DVD faceplate.


If you zoom in to the attached photo, you will notice that the faceplate joint on the bottom left have a weird fracture.

Even though the join is not broken off, it does not secure the faceplate because of the weird fracture to the faceplate.

Thus I asking will Asus warrant such defects on the material used and workmanship during the manufacturing of this laptop.

For assistance please.

Level 7

Dear Asus Support,

1. I am writing to file a complaint regarding bad onsite service provided by Asus authorize service center R-Logic.

2. I am refer to the onsite service request done today 28 March 2018 1500hr SGT by R-Logic onsite technician

3. I told the technician regarding the wobbly DVD faceplate issue since purchase and warn him the frail faceplate’ joint.

4. The technician insist that 2 others joint that support the faceplate is also broken and wanted to proof to me by removing the faceplate.

5. After his attempt to remove the frail factory defect DVD faceplate, the defective joint broke off. After that, he didn’t manage to proof to me that 2 other joint is broken, in fact 2 other joint is working perfectly fine to secure the DVD faceplate and preventing it from falling off. While the defective joint fails to prevent it from being wobbly.

6. Therefore I am filing this complaint for bad service rendered by your onsite service technician that causes a frail joint to chip off.

7. The attached photo as evidence.

8. For your necessary action and resolution.

Thank You.

Level 7
Hello guyz92

Can you please send me a PM with any of the following details that you do have available?

Product S/N:
Case ID#:

Also please pass me your contact details:
Full name:

I'll pass your case to related personnel and department for further investigation
After the frail joint chipped off, Did the technician conduct any repairs? Did he replace the plate or any kind of repairs?
Thank you