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GA503QR Keyboard Issue

Level 7
Hi all,

Recently, Ive been having an issue with my GA503QR that I bought in December where the escape and f1 keys dont work. This means I cant use the mute function on the f1 key or the esc key in games, or anywhere else. Sometimes it will intermittently work when restarting, so i dont think it is a hardware issue. For example, if I hit the volume down key to pull up the volume slider, and then press the fn and f1 keys like 10 times (to toggle the mute), it will eventually begin to work, and escape will as well, however this doesnt last, and it will stop working again in a few minutes.

I have had issues with asus software and updates in the past, i have tried updating things, resetting windows and the laptop completely, uninstalling devices, reinstalling drivers, basically all the stuff people would say to try. I think this is software or firmware issue, but it is possible that this could be a hardware issue (idk)

I have noticed that the keyboard firmware is an "essential update" in myAsus (seriously this is the dumbest idea ever, an update that could brick your keyboard labelled "essential" for no reason), and my keyboard firmware is currently at v2.7.002, so it must've updated and i didnt notice. I believe the stock keyboard firmware for this laptop is v2.6.0 (i think), and since this is the only thing I cant rollback or update, I suspect it could be the culprit.

Can any mods or support send me the file for the base version keyboard firmware for the GA503QR (i think it is v2.6.0), or help me rollback, or give any other suggestions? If i can flash the firware back, i could find out whether this is a hardware issue or firmware, or something else. I want to avoid sending this is laptop in as I use it for school. This laptop has been great, but this problem has been very problematic. I dont want to RMA this laptop, but I will if I cant get a solution to this.

Thanks so much!