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G703GXR unbootable after 309 bios update from windows update

Level 7
Windows update pushed the latest bios to my laptop last evening, the 309. Right after that, the laptop is now unbootable, all attempts give me the "unmountable boot volume" BSOD. I had the OS installed on 4TB samsung evo 870 sata ssd.

Level 11
If its anything like my older GL502 VY Asus Gaming laptop I had the exact same thing after I updated the BIOS.......googled it and found out that BIOS version was not compatible (somehow someway) with my Samsung 512G Pro Sammy SSD was a secondary drive (for games) not the Boot Drive (thats the original M.2 NVMe Drive that came with the PC.
2 choices, either flash BIOS back to previous or replace the Sammy SSD.

Swapped out the Sammy for a Seagate Barracuda SSD and all good, booted up right away.

Level 10
Hi there,
Are you able to enter the starup repair or auto troubleshooting after 3 failing bootup?
or have you try to enter BIOS and then reflash BIOS 309 again by EZ flash.
Thank you.

have the same problem impossible to install windows 11 since the update of the 309.
The installation freezes or I have a blue screen
I changed the SSD hard drive, changed the ram, changed the SSD connection.
I tested the same USB key on another Asus pc, no worries
If I make too many installation attempts, the SSD hard drive is no longer recognized in the windows installer.
But if I go to the BIOS (EFI) I can see the SSD
After several attempts it works.
But when I start a download on Steam after a while I have a blue screen
But if I start a game no worries