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G531GV - Refreshrate Service installed - but no panel overdrive option.

Level 7
I installed the RefreshRate Service from today (27th of September, 2021) because I saw an update, in which it said that there now is Panel Overdrive, which I think would help a lot of us since there is plenty of ghosting on these screens.

And then I saw the older versions, there was supposed to be panel overdrive even from those versions, but I have never seen that thing in Armory Crate ever, and from what I've seen on google, it's supposed to be there, and it never has been.

Is there a solution to this, how do I make it appear? I reinstalled RefreshRate Service and I uninstalled and re installed Armory Crate from scratch, still the same thing.

Any fix?

Level 10
Hi there,
Can you help to clarify the current Armoury Crate APP, Armoury Crate service and Reflash Rate service version on your laptop?
Thank you.