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G513RC upgrade potential/Warrantee questions

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Hi there, I've recently bought a strix G513RC model laptop for school usage and I have a few questions.

I've unfortunately had compatibility issues with Win11 and the software provided by my School to complete coursework.

Would creating a new partition on the drive to install windows 10 void or limit the warrantee?
If not, would wiping the factory win11 installation be acceptable?

Does the laptop have a secondary empty bay for a Drive? either an NVME or SSD? My older model strix I had in high school did have an empty 2.5" form factor SSD slot and I'm hoping this newer one does too.

Would cracking the case for either disk installation or for maintenance purposes (i.e. cleaning pet hair and dust out of the vents) be fine or would I need to take it to a certified repair shop for these services?

As I'm writing this, I've also noticed that there is no obvious external disconnect for the battery. Provided it wouldn't void the warrantee, how do I safely disconnect the battery in order to do cleaning/part installation?

You do not need to disconnect the battery to install an SSD. Just make sure the machine is powered down.

Regarding the Windows install: no you don't have to keep it to have a warranty. However, if you can afford to, I would recommend preserving that drive and changing it out for a different one. You may find that installing Windows 10 there aren't appropriate drivers for everything, or some other issue. Being able to throw the old drive back in and be good to go is nice.

Also, if you ever have to send it for repair it's *nice*(but not required) to have the factory installed OS so that you can verify any issues are in fact a defect and not related to changes you have made.
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Don't know that we want to advertise it too much, but the download page includes a service manual which has more information about disassembly although I'm a bit of a worrier and am still a little concerned about some customers who may get into trouble trying to follow it. If necessary, consider finding some qualified help if there are any concerns about getting into trouble trying this.

Most people may or may not be aware of it, but connectors on the notebook are fairly fragile and can be broken, so you want to be careful with that since there is no easy way to fix broken connectors.
Don't usually repair notebooks myself, but looks like there is a metal piece securing the battery connector which you need to slide in the direction of the arrow indicated in the service manual to 'unlock' it and allow you to lift up the battery connector.

If it can be done safely, it's a good idea to unplug the battery connector after opening up the unit just in case something metal is accidentally dropped and zaps something important on the motherboard.

The service manual is showing two M.2 SSD connectors, but if you check the ASUS download page, there aren't any Win10 drivers posted for this model, so don't know that everything will go smoothly regarding Win10 if you want to prepare for that possibility and start considering other options.

Below is an FAQ about creating a Windows Recovery drive if anybody is interested in backing up .